Transcendence, start with copying, can you really copy?

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– 01 – copy is painting a picture of the most important means in today’s works of different styles, many people have too much to pursue the work of the form and ignore the meaning of the painting itself, especially in today’s art colleges, many students are above copy, even think copy does not have its own style, highlight the personality of its own, is always imitate other people’s things,It’s hard to grow up.However, copying is just an important means for us to pursue our own style, improve our own painting level and improve aesthetic interest.As Xu Beihong, the founder of Chinese art education, once said, “Copying is the most important means in painting”.So for students who learn painting, start from copying, standing on the shoulders of giants is the fastest way to grow.The more you copy, the more you see, the more inventory you have in your mind, the more you can slowly add your own ideas to form a set of things.Copying plays an irreplaceable role in painting learning. Copying can be divided into narrow sense and broad sense. In the narrow sense, copying refers to the process of imitating calligraphy and painting works according to the original work.And the broad sense of impending tomb is broader.All the process of observing things and recording them on any medium can be called copying.Copying plays an irreplaceable role in painting learning.With the development of The Times.People have discovered and invented various media to express or carry their works.Therefore, a variety of expressions have been developed, and painting has become a unique and broad art category.Copying also plays an important role in the development and inheritance of painting art throughout the ages.Since ancient times, people have never stopped studying the works of their predecessors.Such as the early 15th century German art master durer, he learned to jewelry process necessary for decorative arts, artists began to copy the figure painting, Martin thorne ancient urban sculpture, teacher Michael anwar cover works, mott and through copying gradually learned a variety of painting skills, and with nature, human and plant as an object for research,It laid a solid foundation for his later creation.Almost all the western masters of the 19th century copied Italian classical art extensively or studied it at the Louvre museum in Paris.Each generation of painters copied the works of their predecessors to learn their skills, and the works of the masters were even written into the textbooks of the European art academies in the 19th century.This shows how important copying is in painting learning.1. Simple copying: Select some favorite paintings or master works for copying.You can look for your work in an album or go to an art gallery to copy it.In copying, try to follow the original, such as painting materials, original size, even surface background color, surface texture and so on, try to be consistent with the original.Copying in this stage should follow two principles, one is to clear the purpose, the other is to large quantity.At this stage, try to ensure that the picture is more than 90 percent accurate.2. Speculative Reproduction:Find a favorite master’s works to conduct in-depth research and review, and find the common ground that fascinates me in the master’s works. Try to combine my own characteristics and aesthetic interest to create some works, and observe whether the characteristics that attract me in these master’s works also appear in my own creation.3. Induction and Creation:Choose two or three of your most satisfying copy practice, with the copy of the works of repeated comparisons and thinking, not only requires the composition, structure, texture feature and form of color, light and shade, stroke and other basic painting language, more in-depth through comparison, take a look at yourself in the tomb of original works and what are the different characteristics, the characteristics of these different performance in where?Which of these traits are good and which should be discarded.When you can understand these problems, your painting level will gradually enter a higher level, and begin to clarify their current creative direction and expression techniques.Excellent works cannot be created out of thin air.Any excellent work, no matter what the difference of material selection or creation techniques, is the expression of people through the observation of various things, through their own inner experience and perception, and then using the painting techniques learned by predecessors and teachers, using their own way of expression, combined with their own aesthetic interest.But without in-depth study and research, the creation can only be a rootless tree, unable to reach the effect of affecting others, touching others, or even shocking the hearts of viewers.-04- copy, to find a good work copy of course to good works, not at will, this and playing chess, and playing chess will be more and more smelly.There are not many good paintings, and it is difficult to see the original, so you need to go to art galleries and museums to see excellent exhibitions, where to look for copying materials.This collection of shi Guoliang’s sketches is your private art museum, ready to study and copy.Portrait, scene, ink, animal, human body five series full coverage ▼ purchase please VX small program search: the good master has class END