World of Warcraft: TBC many players for the rogue voice, the base is placed there, not allowed to exclude

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World of warcraft TBC nostalgia, a thief is a popular high profession, although this profession in PVE environment is very bad, but there are players in insist, because everyone is very clear, that is now open P3 stage, players want to get egg knife, thieves can turnaround, with extremely high output, become the strongest team of DPS.Since the opening of TBC nostalgic clothing, the class of thief has been discriminated by most players. When everyone is not equipped well, no player even wants to bring the thief to play H, let alone the group, if it were not for the thieves to buy equipment, maybe the name of the class of thief would not appear in the group.Maybe a lot of players will think, rogue damage in this version is so thin, now it is also nostalgia, why blizzard didn’t change the melee environment?Rogues now have the most expensive equipment, but they do the most damage. Generally, rogues play a few times, and then they don’t want to play any more. If they want to do damage, they don’t want to do function.In fact, many classes in WORLD of Warcraft TBC have been weakened, and the reason is very simple, because TBC has changed a lot from version 60, first of all, from 40 players to 25 players in TBC, many changes have taken place, especially the BOSS mechanic.There are two questions that rogues should ask themselves. The first is why it is acceptable for other classes to be deflated, but not for rogues.The second is why rogue players are so miserable, and there are a lot of players out there cheering.Let’s just say the game environment has changed, and rogues can’t be dominant all the time. Why are so many classes worthless in this version and rogues crying so loudly?The reason is also very simple, even if the rogue PVE is weak in this version, but the PVP is still strong, and the rogue is only weak in the group, their ability to swipe G has not been weak, look at the magic mausoleum and reservoir how many thieves get rich.The number of rogue players has been very large, so many rogue players are crying about their weakness. In version 60, what is the treatment of the hunter? What is the strength of the hunter?Retribution, shaman, Dark shepherd, Bird, warlock, etc. are all like sewers, why can’t rogues be used as tailwagons in TBC?The thief’s chance to turn over is double knife, but the difficulty is still not low, the price is not low!If you have any thoughts on this, please comment in the comments section.