Will 2022 be the toughest year for gaokao?Students need to be prepared to pay attention to two issues

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The 2022 college entrance Examination is coming, but the 2021 college entrance examination is still in sight. There are still about half a year to go, and the students of senior three will go to the battlefield again to meet their own dawn.As one of the most important examinations in life, the college entrance examination has been carrying the ideals and expectations of countless people.For ordinary children, gaokao is a life-changing test;As the child of a rich family, gaokao is a way to improve oneself.Everyone’s understanding of the gaokao may be different, but the importance they place on it is surprisingly consistent.In the 21-year college entrance examination, many students successfully entered their dream universities and began their new life, but some failed to pass and became repeat students.For many students, the college entrance examination in 21 years is not easy, so for students in 22 years, the college entrance examination will be difficult again?Will 2022 be the toughest year for gaokao?Students need to prepare the number of inference: according to statistics, in 2021 the number of people to attend the university entrance exam 10.78 million, higher than last year, 70000, in fact, since 2000, the college entrance examination number has been on a steady rise of the state, the number of 08 years to attend the university entrance exam to over ten million, but after 2010, the university entrance exam is generally in more than nine hundred.In some provinces and cities, due to the great pressure of college entrance examination competition and the large population, there are also a large number of repeat students, which is also the reason for the increase in the number of college entrance examination in recent years.In fact, the number of college entrance exams has reached a point, but it is expected to increase next year. Some experts estimate that the number of college entrance exams in 2022 May reach 11 million, which means that it will become more difficult to enter universities.But the number of college entrance examination in the future may also gradually fall, especially from the diversion of the high school entrance examination and the birth rate after 2000, the trend of the number of college entrance examination is not large.Question difficulty: In fact, the question difficulty level does not have a great impact on the overall difficulty of the college entrance examination, because the score ranking of good students and bad students does not change much, which also leads to the same colleges and universities they can be admitted to.However, the future college entrance examination will focus on different aspects, the previous exam-oriented model may be gradually changed, the degree of flexibility of the questions will be greatly improved, which is also to cultivate a variety of talents, the emergence of new questions may increase the difficulty of the questions, but also enable real talents to stand out.New college entrance examination mode: many provinces have now implemented the new college entrance examination mode, which is a brand new attempt for examinees, but too free choice is easy to let examinees into the error, which also leads to a lot of examinees in the examination of the time there are problems.The new college entrance examination mode requires students to first choose relevant majors, and then choose the subjects they need to learn. In fact, it is more helpful for students to choose well in advance.On the whole, the 2022 gaokao will not be easy. Competition is still fierce, and students may feel even more pressure. Parents also need to be aware that they should keep calm and strive for better scores.In the face of the new college entrance examination, students have two problems that also need to pay attention to. It is expected that other provinces and cities will implement the new college entrance examination mode in the future, so students need to have a comprehensive understanding of the new college entrance examination, in order to get higher scores.In the new college entrance examination model in Beijing and other places, subject choice is the most free, belonging to the “3+3” model, in addition to mathematics and Chinese are mandatory subjects, the remaining six subjects can choose three at will, but students may not only like to choose the subjects they are good at.The “3+1+2” model in Liaoning and other provinces also provides examinees with a variety of choices. Among many subjects, physics is very important, because most science and engineering colleges need physics as the foundation.The traditional old three is actually best not to choose, as long as students do not particularly dislike physics, xiaobian suggests that we try to choose the subject of physics, after all, there is an assignment system, physics can choose.In addition to physics, chemistry is also very “hot”, especially for those who want to study medicine, do not miss chemistry.Among many subjects, “physics + chemistry + politics” is definitely the first choice for most people, because this kind of combination offers the widest choice of majors and is also the most useful.★ Under the choice of major, choose the most suitable for their own subjects in fact, as long as students determine a good major, so it is not difficult to choose subjects, in addition to their own required subjects, students can choose corresponding subjects according to their own interests and strength, which is more conducive to get high marks, give full play to their advantages.When filling in the application, students should also be cautious, because of the new college entrance examination, many colleges and universities have undergone relatively big changes, students can not completely fill in the way before, otherwise it is easy to slip.Do you think the new college entrance examination is good?