County Agriculture and Rural Bureau: do a solid job in “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” to promote rural revitalization in an all-round way

2022-06-22 0 By

Today’s column of “Building a red cultural city and building a green ecological home” broadcast an interview with Cheng Jiyun, secretary of the Party Group and director of the County Agriculture and Rural Bureau.Reporters: “in 2021, the county bureau of agriculture and rural areas closely around” with high quality and efficiency of agriculture and rural livable appropriate industry, rich rich farmers’ goal, further implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country, expanding strengthen poverty alleviation achievements as a line, the industries as a top priority, efforts to improve people’s livelihood, deepen the rural reforms, the work progressed steadily.The next step is to implement the spirit of the sixth plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party and the spirit of the city and county Party congress, ‘two sessions’, county agriculture and rural bureau and what new measures it, we ask county agriculture and rural bureau Director Cheng Jiyun to talk about.”Cheng Jiyun, director of county Agriculture and Rural Bureau: “First, consolidate and improve the achievements of poverty alleviation.We will strictly implement the requirements of the “four not to be taken off the job” and consolidate the achievements of the “two not to worry about three guarantees”, drinking water safety and industrial employment assistance.We will strengthen oversight of the assets of poverty alleviation projects and agriculture-related development projects, and coordinate efforts to strengthen weak links in agricultural development and rural development.Second, we will work together to promote rural demonstration construction.We will focus on five provincial-level and county-level demonstration towns and 36 demonstration villages for rural development, and promote the construction of supporting facilities such as housing renovation, toilet renovation, lighting and greening in rural areas.We will innovate modern ways of rural governance, successfully organize the Harvest Festival for Chinese farmers, and strive to take the lead in the revitalization of rural areas in the whole province.Third, we will promote high-quality development of modern agriculture.Layout construction towards the demonstration base of vegetables, one thousand mu of hami melon industrial park, fine facilities watermelon, forward industrialization of animal husbandry cow breeding and other 18 large-scale breeding base, accelerate gansu valley full of modern agricultural logistics park, tower of seed institute construction, strive to build markets for agricultural products circulation system and the construction of storage and transportation process layout.Fourth, we will continue to deepen rural reform.We will vigorously carry out the reform of “one household, one plot of land” to optimize the allocation of land resources.We will encourage rural households to make good use of idle rural housing land and rural housing resources, and improve the level of joint oversight and supervision over rural housing land.Determined in donglian village, Lesan village first trial, explore the establishment of rural collective ownership companies and the implementation of substantive management.Continue to activate the rural collective assets in circulation, equity, pledge and other aspects of market power, fully release rural property rights, and constantly stimulate the vitality of rural development.”(Reporter: Huang Xin and Zhu Lin)