“Code” to buy food, UnionPay business SaaS products to help Shanghai community digital battle “epidemic”

2022-06-22 0 By

In the face of the severe and complex epidemic prevention and control situation, the Shanghai Municipal government and people are facing a critical moment in their fight against the epidemic, and the guarantee of living materials for the people under home quarantine in the city is also affecting the hearts of hundreds of millions of people.As the leading enterprise in domestic integrated payment and information service, unionpay business during the outbreak always stick to the fight “epidemic” the front line, keen insight into the people needed by the people’s livelihood, with full of vigor and vitality of the “SaaS” series of products and services to build security services to the fortress, and for the people with the social from all walks of life together “disease”, overcome difficulties.For sealing tube community living material purchasing inconvenience, delivery is not easy to problems related to merchants, unionpay business using its sweep “silver business optimal code” code for the product of “lightness and easy to use, fast online” characteristics, rapid force of “yard” for the community residents launched a “buy + offline peer-to-peer online than face to face with” service channel.Safe and convenient shopping methods and accurate home delivery services not only set up a new mode of “code” operation for merchants, but also opened up an important channel for people to “code” online procurement and “contactless” delivery during the quarantine period.In Qingpu District, Shanghai, UnionPay business launched the “Yinshang Superior Code” solution for 36 neighborhood committees in qingpu downtown area in only two days. By creating exclusive QR codes of “one district, one code”, it opened a green channel for isolated people to “go online and deliver life supplies accurately from point to point”.Now, consumers simply scan a community QR code using apps such as “Yunshanpay” to pick up supplies directly from the vegetable base and wait for them to arrive at home.Merchants distribution transport to the community, the rc or volunteers distributed and formed the “order, distribution, transportation, receiving, home” closed loop, in a timely manner to ensure the efficiency of epidemic situation material distribution, from the source solves the problem the qingpu district people’s supply of fresh fruit and vegetables, good for disease prevention and control of the “war” logistics to provide strong support.Epidemic prevention and control war continues, silver, and epidemic prevention SaaS products and services have been landed to Shanghai, shandong, tianjin, Beijing, xinjiang, guangxi, much of the country’s hotels, hospitals, business, community, park, etc, to realize the remote collection, xiaosha selling point meal, outside environment, and wisdom kernel code, temperature measurement, reservation service, accurate delivery and other services,It has effectively reduced unnecessary contact in key areas and scenes, and helped all industries open a new mode of digital war.