Shanghai consumer Protection Commission: The number of express complaints during the Spring Festival, “grandma” online game accounts frequently launched late at night, attracting attention

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China network science and technology, February 8 – Shanghai consumer protection Commission wechat public number issued yesterday, the Spring Festival holiday during the New Year dinner, express services, entertainment tickets, online games have become the complaints of Shanghai “disaster areas.”According to Shanghai consumer protection commission statistics, during the long holiday (January 31 to February 6), the city at all levels of consumer complaints received by the commission 4,600.According to the categories of complaints, there were 1,949 complaints about commodities, among which clothing, shoes and hats, food and household articles ranked the top 3.There were 2,651 complaints about services, among which express delivery, entertainment ticketing and online games ranked the top three.The complaints show the following characteristics: first, the New Year’s Eve dinner has attracted the attention of consumers, and the improvement of ordering and delivery services. The New Year’s Eve dinner has always been the “highlight” of the Spring Festival. This Spring Festival, more and more consumers choose prepared dishes, and many consumers order fresh dishes and takeaway food through the platform.During the long holiday, the city’s consumer protection committee at all levels accepted 210 complaints about food orders, consumers mainly reported that the ordered prepared dishes are not delivered, orders are cancelled without authorization, page publicity is inconsistent with the actual goods, etc.During the Spring Festival holiday, “Buy, buy, buy” has become the best choice for many consumers to “treat themselves” and celebrate the Spring Festival.Consumers’ accumulated enthusiasm for shopping has been greatly released, and clothing, shoes, hats and food have become the main categories of consumers’ shopping.During the long holiday, the city’s consumer protection committee at all levels accepted a total of 881 clothing, shoes and hats and food complaints, consumers mainly reflect the quality of goods defect, merchants delay delivery, goods are not the board.Third, the consumption momentum of cultural and entertainment is strong. The operators’ rules are not clear and need to improve the Spring Festival holiday. The consumption demand of cultural and entertainment is strong and the momentum is strong.Shanghai is rich in leisure and entertainment activities, such as cinema viewing, amusement park tour, KTV, exhibition, secret room escape, etc., to meet the different needs of all kinds of consumers.During the holiday, the city’s consumer protection committees at all levels accepted 377 complaints about entertainment tickets, including 242 complaints about movie tickets. The main problems consumers reported were: the movie tickets they bought could not be refunded or changed, and the movie tickets could not be exchanged.In addition, there are also a lot of consumer complaints reflect, to KTV, amusement parks, secret rooms and other entertainment and leisure places, the early payment of business rules are not clear, after the payment of business can not provide services.4. The demand for online games is heating up. The frequent late night launch of the “yeonai generation” account attracts attention that many consumers play games at home during the Spring Festival, and the demand for online games is heating up.During the long vacation, the city at all levels of consumer protection commission accepted a total of 185 complaints related to online games.Complaints reflect some of the new situation, in the relevant state departments issued “about further strict management to prevent minors’ notice of the addict network game, some young people around the game anti-addiction system, with grandparents generation id registration,” easy “to play the game, especially during the Spring Festival in the middle of the night online, frequently sneak” top-up “fire”,”Trigger refund controversy.In this regard, the Shanghai consumer protection Commission calls on parents to fulfill their guardianship duties, take good care of their identity documents, cancel the setting of confidentiality free or limited to small payment confidentiality free, before playing games for children, pay attention to check the id information of the account, to avoid the failure of the anti-addiction system, to better protect minors.Source: