Here are three things the elderly would do well to pay attention to as they bank their savings in 2022

2022-06-21 0 By

With the development of national economy, the domestic financial market has also developed rapidly, and people can choose more ways of financing than before.However, most of these financial management methods are accompanied by risks, and there is the possibility of losing principal at any time.So for the elderly, there are still few ways for them to manage their money, and bank deposits are more reliable.However, bank deposits are not immutable and may vary from year to year according to the new policies of relevant departments.Here are three things seniors should pay attention to as they bank their savings in 2022.Since March 1, depositors who deposit or withdraw more than 50,000 yuan in a bank will be required to register the source or purpose of the funds, according to a new policy issued by the authorities.However, authorities also said they must not add to the burden on customers.Especially for the elderly and other groups who use more cash, financial institutions should take the initiative to provide more friendly and convenient services.The elderly may be able to expect reduced fees for basic banking services in 2022.This is because relevant departments have issued the Guiding Opinions on Standardizing the Management of Market Adjustment Prices for Banking Services, encouraging banks and other financial institutions to reduce or exempt the basic banking service fees for certain groups, such as the elderly and the disabled.Before the withdrawal from the financial market, many old people like to buy the principal and interest guaranteed financial products of banks, believing that the returns of such products are higher than those of bank deposits.However, since this year, banks’ capital and interest guaranteed financial products will completely withdraw from the financial market, and investors need to bear the risks of financial products in the future.If the elderly meet to sell financial protection, must be careful to be cheated.The elderly should also be aware of the risks and not let their savings go down the drain.