Xiao Hong learns Shanghai language! I want to order takeout, what should I do?

2022-06-20 0 By

You stay at home, I will serve you!After the first two sets of special training xiaohong more confident ~ today’s Xiaohong learn faster but you have to ask whether you remember the word?But what was the end result?See small rainbow expression to know!Xiaohong today’s homework to cough up!Today’s QUIZ: How to order takeout?Xiaohong reminds you: Due to logistics and epidemic prevention during the lockdown period, the delivery time of takeout express delivery will be delayed.It is suggested that you order takeout and express delivery moderately in line with the principle of daily necessities.To reduce the risk of infection, do not pick up take-out food or express delivery by yourself. Take-out food will be collected and delivered to the recipient’s door with the assistance of epidemic prevention workers or volunteers in the community.Original title: “Xiao Hong learns Shanghai Language! I want to order takeout, what should I do?”