Beautiful miharu Peach Blackjack K840T three-mode mechanical keyboard experience

2022-06-19 0 By

Blackburn’s product naming has always been very regular, but the ID design style is very different, like the previous K690T, from the name alone who would have thought that the design of this keyboard was inspired by the old typewriter.In the same way, the latest K840T three-mode mechanical keyboard changed the image of “hard straight” before, and went to the lovely wind of young female groups. Its base is also unique in the use of leather wrapping, in front of the stereotyped plastic shell is so special.There are only a USB receiver and a 1.8m long data line K840T three-mode mechanical keyboard with 84 rows, with two colors of sea salt lime green and white peach mousse. The first impression is fresh and elegant. The key cap on board is made of four colors, and the upper cover and bottom shell are also combined with the key cap for unified visual processing, with large R Angle and no cutting hands.In terms of details, the K840T uses a metal panel with a theme color sprayed on the surface to make it feel skin-like.The top cover has a high-gloss chamfering edge and two light perforations in the upper right corner.Due to the suspension shaft body design, these two indicators are most likely to be blocked by the key cap under normal sitting position.The leather base is quite a touch of the pen, the surface has obvious texture, texture and common frosted shell is different, the specific performance is rougher, texture feedback is clearer, as for the resistance to dirty really wait for the test of time.The bottom is also minimalist, with only four round rubber MATS and power switches. Even the nameplate is pasted.Because it is fixed rubber pad, it can not adjust the height, Angle fixed.K840T ABS round key cap is very distinctive, with oil spray coating, very smooth, feel is also very warm, also not easy to be contaminated with fingerprints.The color scheme is novel, with low-contrast 4-color keys and seemingly irregular arrangements, and even three color schemes between peers.This flat chest keycap has no gradient and slightly concave surface, but is not as curved as common OEM keycaps.In practice, the distance between the key cap and the key cap is relatively close, and occasionally there will be wrong touch, which needs to be paid attention to.Radium characters mark the general key combination function, but surprisingly the keyboard also has a game mode, with FN+1 through 8 to turn on local lights (FN+9/10 is a custom mode).Wireless connection switch is realized by FN+Home/PgUp/PgDn and other keys. Multimedia combination keys with high application rate are placed in F area, which is intuitive and humanized.Whether sea salt lime green or white peach mousse, can choose gott green axis or red axis, corresponding to paragraph and linear two feel, wall type shaft core, play a certain role in dustproof.Big key touch bottom unexpectedly crisp, no flesh, fly in the face is a little wire sound.Have to mention that the K840T shaft body is built in the bottom of the panel, one is not to change the shaft, two also have certain requirements for the replacement of the key cap, the common key cap because the chrysanthemum column is too short incompatible with K840T.The keyboard has a built-in 1500mAh battery, which can be used for one day or two more days under the highest brightness. If it is switched to Bluetooth mode, it should be no problem to turn down the brightness of the light or even turn off the light for three or four days.There was a response time of about two seconds when you started up before you connected to the device, and there was no lag.K840T has only practical white light and can switch a variety of light effects through FN+PrtSc. Because the keyboard is the light position, it failed to fully take into account some key caps with FN function marking.The price of this K840T three-mode keyboard is 369 yuan. It starts from the appearance level, and the unique mixed color style key cap and leather base form a huge difference among the 84 matching products.More importantly, K840T also did not forget to do a good key cap and shaft body feel of their own work, both durable and practical.