Bayonet soldier King Yang Yang shows “special battle glory” first show bright eye is full

2022-06-19 0 By

Tonight, directed by Xu Jizhou, written by Feng Ji and Xu Jizhou and starring Yang Yang, Li Yitong and Jiang Luxia, the contemporary military drama Glory of Special Battle officially hits Dragon TV.As a military TV series, Special Battle Glory presents the breakthrough growth of young soldiers with young faces.Breaking the play mainly tells the story of yan yue (Yang Yang) from a list of soldiers quality is outstanding, at sixes sevens with collective “soldier king”, under the pounding of harsh environment and difficult task, and gradually integrated into the group, and the knowledge officer Mr. Qian snow (Li Yitong), characteristic team-mates guo smile (luxia jiang), Xiao Yunjie (meng asay) alongside grow together,Eventually grow into excellent armed police special combat team members of the blood brigade story.Many of the current “top stream” actors are afraid to challenge the role of soldiers easily, for fear of lacking temperament, image and hardship.Chinese soldiers should be upright and courageous, resolute and courageous, not all young actors can have this image and temperament.Yang Yang, who has a military background, is more than comfortable with such roles.From many years of art, Yang Yang has played a lot of roles, but such as “Special battle glory” Yan Break yue such a role, can not meet, to play well is not easy.Use body to be bridge to cover teammate retreat, be bombed hind endure ache tinnitus, rely on instinct to fight back, fall into river after be shot, see heart all clench up, Yan break yue good, this is cheetah, fearless!This drama on the first episode of good results, in many TV ratings war won the first, market share broke 3.Today, did you see Glory of the Special Wars?