Baoding City Lianchi district: to ensure that the masses have a good happy year

2022-06-19 0 By

In January 2022, it was the 12th month of the Lunar calendar. In order to ensure migrant workers to have a warm and peaceful Spring Festival, the staff of the Labor Security Supervision Brigade in Lianchi District, Baoding, worked overtime and went to work to beg for salary.It is understood that in the past month, 78 national unpaid salary platform clues, all resolved, dynamic zero;There were 115 cases of unpaid salary clues on the mayor’s hotline, and 69 cases were verified, involving 72 people and RMB 182,542 yuan, all of which were solved.38 batches of hidden salary arrears in the construction field were investigated, involving 1703 people and 26.577 million yuan, which was successfully resolved.Assisted the municipal level to deal with 8 unpaid salary problems in the construction field, involving 730 people and RMB 13,687,500 yuan, all of which were resolved in place.”We have received the hard-earned money, we can live a solid year!Thank you so much!”Wang Weifeng team came to present the flag, everyone’s face is blooming with a flower-like smile.On the bright red banner, the golden words “advocating wage rights and protecting people’s hearts and solving problems like relatives” shine brightly.But what we don’t know is that behind every pennant is a tough battle…”I went to the scene at 8:00 in the morning to understand the situation, had lunch at 13:50, continued to attend the next dispatching meeting at 14:00, had lunch at 20:00 in the conference room, attended the night dispatching meeting at 20:10, ended the dispatching meeting at 23:20, and started the law enforcement procedure at 23:25, and selected personnel from the unit to take notes.I went to the construction site at 12:30 a.m. the next morning and took more depositions. I finished my depositions at 02:35 a.m. and went home.This is the work and rest record of qin Baodong, vice captain of labor security supervision, and also the schedule of all supervisors in the “100-day attack” action.”Either at the scene of the case or on the way.””This is a common refrain within the inspection team, and it is a true reflection of the 39 labor and security inspectors working overtime and day and night.The Labor Arbitration Court of Lianchi District, like the labor security supervision brigade, never forgets its original aspiration, never slashes its efforts and serves sincerely, providing another “salary umbrella” for the protection of workers’ rights and interests.They insisted on giving equal attention to both the law and the law, and successfully mediated three cases involving 10 people with a total of 330,488 yuan on January 26 alone.Among them, Ms. Zhao was injured in the work of a power equipment company. After the appraisal of industrial injury, she could not reach an agreement on the compensation for industrial injury, so she applied for labor arbitration. Under the coordination of the arbitration tribunal, the two sides reached an agreement, and the company paid the applicant 240,000 yuan in a lump sum.Success is the biggest work return, the smiling face of the masses is the biggest work motivation.Baoding Lianchi District Labor and social security supervision brigade, labor arbitration court with the practical action of “I do practical things for the masses”, set up a style of excellent, brave to assume the “Lianchi people’s association” brand.Behind this there is the core leadership of lianchi District Committee and district government to carry out the concept of people first;District leaders personally forward command and dispatch;There are also departments of housing and construction, public security, political and legal affairs, procuratorates, law enforcement, and letters and visits to coordinate and make intensive studies and judgments.In the New Year, lianchi District Human resources and social Security Bureau will continue to shoulder the responsibility, with the people first, wholeheartedly for the purpose of the people, with the courage to win, solid and solid style, to work hard, have the courage to take on the consciousness, always do a good job in the root of unpaid wages, to safeguard the rights and interests of the masses, for the quality of the city construction energy to help sail.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.