The highest ranking servant girl in the Qing Dynasty, she sat at the table to eat, the empress concubines had to stand

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A person to achieve enlightenment, the rooster and dog ascended to heaven, the original refers to a person training into a fairy, with the chickens and dogs at home have followed the master flying into a fairy.What it means now, those who are well versed in the way of society, must know that as long as a person has a little status or a little power, the people around him will benefit more or less, which is why nowadays people like to give gifts and have relationships.In ancient times, the best way to reflect the “one person to achieve enlightenment, chickens and dogs to heaven” is to send their female relatives to the harem. Once the female relatives get the favor of the emperor, then the life of the mother’s family is absolutely a qualitative breakthrough.Fortunately, when the female family became the queen, then the family would definitely be in the officialdom, mixing the wind and water.In the late Qing Dynasty, there was a man who hoped to send his sister to the emperor’s harem. If her sister behaved well, he would be the uncle of the state, not to mention how powerful. This man was Li Lianying.If Li Lianying knows something about the history of the late Qing Dynasty, she should know that Li Lianying is a woman, but he is not a man, he is a member of the special group in the palace – eunuch.But he was not just any eunuch. He was the eunuch of cixi, the famous de facto ruler of the late Qing Dynasty.Many people because of the relationship between Li Lianying and Cixi, will try their best to curry favor with Li Lianying, so Li Lianying received oil and water is immeasurable.So li Lianying and Cixi besides the status of master and servant, there is any other relationship?”Late Qing Court Life” has been recorded that the relationship between the master and servant is too close, such as morning and evening when living each other eunuch greetings, or if there is time, on the face to face greetings.As a servant, It is natural for Li Lianying to greet the empress Dowager, but Cixi does so, which is not in accordance with the common sense, they act like lovers or girlfriends.Even more surprisingly, Cixi addressed Li Lianying as “we”, not “Ai Jia” and “you”, so the relationship was not ordinary. Even if there was no personal affair, Li Lianying could be regarded as the equal of Cixi, and she could walk sideways in the Forbidden City.Although Li Lianying was a eunuch and had no offspring, he had a sister who was of the same blood with him. If the sister gave birth to a child, it would be regarded as a queen of the Old Li family.However, for whom to give birth to a child, or to carefully consider, sister’s marital status will affect the maternal brother, so to take a long-term view.Li Lianying, a beautiful sister, can be found at a glance in the crowd. When her sister gets married, who should she choose?Li Lianying made a daydream, sent her sister to the emperor guangxu’s harem, worked hard, became the queen, then he is not a legitimate uncle, but this history and how many eunuchs do uncle?Li Lianying at this time will not pay attention to their eunuch identity, after all, and Cixi are sisters, power in hand, anything will have.So in order to promote their sister, Li Lianying praised his sister to Cixi many times, up the hall, down the kitchen, this long time, Cixi also curious about Li Lianying’s sister is what kind of good method?So Li Lianying naturally called his sister to the side of the Empress Dowager Cixi, close to serve Cixi, Li Lianying because of his daydream, so before entering the palace, specifically to his sister made up for the rules of the palace, not only do not like ordinary girls, literary literacy is also better.Cixi is really like, love of the feeling, overflow, and then, this sister won the true biography of Li Lianying, especially will figure out the master’s mind, anything can cater to cixi’s preferences.Cixi was known for being a picky person, but there was nothing she could find wrong with this sister.For a long time, Li Lianying this sister became a favorite in front of Cixi, Cixi gave her treatment can match Li Lianying, fortunately, li Lianying’s sister, if replaced by someone else, the bones do not know where they are buried.Because of her special relationship with Li Lianying, Cixi treated her sister as a pet of her own and asked the palace staff to call her “big girl”.When having dinner, the empress and other concubines in the imperial palace would only stand beside her, but this “big girl” could eat at the same table as Cixi.Those concubines also dare not speak up. After all, the real ruler of the Qing government is Cixi, and no one can control what she wants to do.Even if they helplessly see a maid-in-waiting girl in a higher position than her, and not in accordance with the rules, they can only stand by respectfully.Li Lianying saw her sister becoming more and more popular with Cixi, so she revealed her idea to Cixi and admitted her sister to the Emperor’s harem.There was no loss in the deal, so Cixi readily accepted and wanted to fix up the marriage.But the other protagonist of this matter, however, did not think so, the Guangxu emperor since childhood, has been a puppet of Cixi, now grown up, have their own ideas, want to achieve great ambitions, but by Cixi’s every way to stop, full of ambition, but ambition is hard to pay, the emperor is too humbled.If the nominal mother and son of Emperor Guangxu and Empress Dowager Cixi were the image of filial piety in people’s eyes, it would have been easy for emperor Guangxu to take another wife.But things backfired, Li Lianying’s desire is much more urgent, light emperor xu have much do not want to let him get what he wants, since cixi this woman I fight, but as the emperor, hate a eunuch or can.Therefore, Emperor Guangxu poured his anger on Li Lianying and hated li lianying’s sister.There is no way for the emperor, Li Lianying for their own daydreams, and then cuandu Cixi, Cixi for Li Lianying, planning to hard, after all, guangxu emperor now queen, was also at that time in order to get real power, hard to marry.Under their own instructions, and then forced to marry a, surely guangxu emperor is helpless, but no one thought of this guangxu emperor and Cixi positive just up.The Guangxu emperor removed the imperial system of the Qing Dynasty, which stipulated that Han women were not allowed to be consort in the palace, let alone the sister of a eunuch.Emperor Guangxu’s attitude was too tough, and Cixi really did not want to fight, so she had to give up. Later, she found another marriage for her beloved “big girl”, and Li Lianying’s dream was completely broken.