Spend more than 20,000 to attend the training but can not take the spring exam Qingdao In the domain education has not fulfilled the promise to refuse full refund

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Qilu evening news, JiLuYi journalists Song Zufeng Elegant clean capture to expend pledge registration no problem, can be hard to learn nearly a year, spring only cannot attend the university entrance exam, last year, many students enrolled in Qingdao outside the province college entrance examination in the domain of education information consulting co., LTD. Shandong spring training, but culture also learning Chinese medicine professional skills,However, he did not report his name because he did not meet the requirements, wasting time and causing economic losses.A few days ago, Qingdao Zhongyu Education Information Consulting Co., LTD., the department of human resources and social security in The City south district responded that the company did not obtain the business license related to the professional training qualification of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine.It is reported that the company was also fined more than 900,000 yuan by the market regulator.Pay 23800 yuan ChunKao training in May, 2021, who lives in heilongjiang when Mr Platform through the network to see in the domain of education information consulting co., LTD. Qingdao promotional video, as Mr Son want to sign up for the spring of 2022 the university entrance exam, so through the contact way of the promotional video and online teacher contact, each other know when Mr,Although the child’s household registration is outside the province, he can also sign up for the 2022 Spring College entrance Examination in Shandong Province. Mr. Shi will pay 1,000 yuan deposit for the spring examination through transfer.On May 11, 2021, Mr. Shi and his son came to Qingdao Zhongyu Education Information Consulting Co., LTD., located in Shinan District, Qingdao city. After consulting and understanding, he transferred 22,800 yuan of “balance of spring examination” to participate in shandong Spring College entrance Examination training. His professional skill is to learn basic theoretical knowledge of Traditional Chinese medicine.”At that time the promise is good, our students registered in other provinces can also sign up for the Shandong Spring examination.”Mr. Shi said.When everything was settled, Mr. Shi left his son in Qingdao to attend offline training, while he returned to his hometown.When the son of Mr. Hours, told reporters that they attend offline after the training, first class training site is located in laoshan district, in October 2021 training places and from laoshan district moved to the abutting on qing-yan highway OuDeWei cloud east international education industry park, “Chinese, maths, English literacy class on Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday on TCM course.”In addition to students from Shandong province, there are 22 students from other parts of shandong Province. Each course has a special teacher, but the teacher often rotates.After nearly a year of hard work, Mr. Wang didn’t report his name at last. He thought that after nearly a year of training and learning, he could successfully participate in the Shandong Spring examination. However, he failed to register for the first time in December last year and failed to report for the second time in February this year.Journalists from Mr When see a screenshot of the teacher within the group of notification for shandong ChunKao reform this year, audit approach by offline audit into an online audit, not convenient to some communication links and reform in the first year, audit strictly, especially provincial household registration, has been reported, so lead to this part of the students cannot attend this year’s list for the exam, as to whether attend ChunKao,The final results will be available by March 1, and the company will come up with a solution if the spring exam is not good.When, says Mr Until his children go to school in heilongjiang local, does not conform to the shandong ChunKao recruit students object scope, so he thought, in the domain of education information consulting co., LTD. Qingdao as training, registration has been insisted they fujian association of foreign languages and household registration can also sign up for the students, suspected of fraud, children also wasted nearly a year.In addition to offline spring exam training, Ms. Wu from Guangxi signed a service agreement with Qingdao Zhongyu Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd. on VIP Free Spring exam class in October 2021, paying a total fee of 29,800 yuan.”Some video courseware and materials were sent to me for online self-study, and I didn’t give my name.”Ms. Wu said that after failing to register, she asked for a refund, but the other party delayed the refund for various reasons.Spring test registration failure, parents asked for a full refund and compensation for spring test registration failure, parents together to find Qingdao in the domain of education Information Consulting Co., Ltd. to say, then the other party gave several solutions.Mr. Shi said, they promised to free training for a year, the child household registration transfer to Shandong province, next year to continue to register for the examination;If parents insist on a refund, they will deduct 10,000 yuan and refund the rest.March 30 in the afternoon, a self-proclaimed domain education information consulting co., LTD in Qingdao staff called and said to each other, according to the contract signed by both sides, they help guide students application materials, and provide some online classes, technical training and test simulation guidance training services, because ChunKao registration policy change in shandong province this year,However, they still prepared the materials according to the previous policy, resulting in the failure of many applicants.According to the contract, if the student fails to give his name, he can continue his service for free the following year, and if the student asks not to continue his service, the contract will be carried out, the staff said.”We have lost confidence in the training company now and it is impossible to stay there and study.”Shi said they are now demanding a full refund of 23,800 yuan from Qingdao Zhongyu Education Information Consulting Co., LTD., as well as 10,000 yuan for transportation and travel losses.The reporter learned through the inquiry, The registered address of Qingdao Zhongyu Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd. is 1702, 1703, Block B, China Resources Building, Shandong Road 6, Shinan District, Qingdao city.Business scope of the licensed items include: business training (excluding education training, vocational skills training and other training that need to be licensed);Educational consulting services (excluding education and training activities related to approval), etc.The reporter understands from cieme area market regulators, they received complaints were investigated, in the domain of education information consulting co., LTD. Qingdao is leasing abutting on qing-yan highway OuDeWei east international education industry garden area for training of cloud, districts, and the company actual registered in Qingdao office also in districts, according to the principle of territorial management,Suggestions to the City south district market supervision bureau complaints for investigation and processing.In addition to the spring college entrance examination, there are also courses for TCM teachers, TCM specialty physicians, TCM technical specialty, licensed physician examination, licensed pharmacist examination, etc.A woman surnamed Wei from Laiyang, Yantai, spent 11,800 yuan last September to apply for the TCM specialty certificate examination. She promised that the passing rate of the TCM specialty certificate would be above 90 percent. After paying the money, she was given an online self-learning software and two TCM materials, but did not report her name.When Ms. Wei wanted a refund, the other party only returned 5,000 yuan after deducting 6,800 yuan of service cost, and asked Ms. Wei to sign a confidentiality agreement, requiring both parties not to talk about the incident in public occasions, media, online platforms, magazines and other information occasions.”They didn’t provide any service, why deduct so much service for no reason.”Ms. Wei said she suspected the Qingdao Zhongyu Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd. of deliberately deceiving and reported the case to the local public security department in Qingdao.Ms. Wei was also in the same boat as Mr. Zhao from Shenzhen. Mr. Zhao paid 12,800 yuan in Qingdao Zhongyu Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd. last November to apply for the exam training for doctors specializing in TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, but failed to register by the end of March this year.”We clearly do not meet the registration conditions, Qingdao Zhongyu education let us fake materials.”Mr. Zhao said that the requirements for applying for the examination for TCM specialty doctors must have 5 years of experience and 10 medical cases, but he did not have such experience before, and was told that he could submit the information of relatives and friends as medical cases.After the registration failed, Mr. Zhao wanted to refund the fee, and the other party also wanted to deduct most of the service fee.”Just gave the video software to still have a few materials, also did not have special person to guide, with what to buckle so much money.”Mr Zhao later complained to relevant departments, but the matter has not been resolved yet.Many students who paid for the training thought that Qingdao Zhongyu Education Information Consulting Co., Ltd. was suspected of false publicity and did not have relevant TCM training qualifications.Whether for education institutions in the domain of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a professional training certificate, the reporter understands from Qingdao city districts people club bureau, districts before people club bureau also received several domains in Qingdao education information consulting co., LTD., complaints, but the authorities in charge of the company shall be the market regulator, and districts people club bureau is “domain in the districts of Qingdao vocational training school”, the director of the department,Only the training licenses for human resource managers and health managers were issued to the school, and the business licenses related to TCM professional training qualifications were not issued to Qingdao Zhongyu Education Information Consulting Co., LTD., the subject.A few days ago, the reporter on Qingdao Zhongyu Education Information Consulting Co., LTD. Whether there is false publicity, did not obtain relevant qualifications suspected of operating beyond the scope of the shinan District market supervision bureau to reflect, but by the time the reporter has not received a reply.However, media reported that Qingdao Zhongyu Education was fined twice by the Shinan District Market Supervision Administration in 2021.In April 2021, the staff of the Market Supervision Bureau found that there were violations in the terms of the contract signed by Zhongyu Education and consumers, and issued the first fine of the year to Zhongyu Education according to the Supervision and Treatment Measures of Contract Illegal Behaviors, and decided to punish The company with 10,000 YUAN.On November 1, 2021, Zhongyu Education attracted the attention of Shinan Market Supervision Bureau due to a large number of complaints and reports. The staff conducted preliminary evidence collection on the website of Zhongyu Education Company.In violation of the Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China, China Domain Education made explicit or implied warranties on the training and examination effect through its website or wechat official account, and recommended and certified the training in the name of the beneficiary.In view of the fact that it is the same illegal act for the parties to publish illegal advertisements, according to the principle of choosing a heavier punishment, the decision to punish the parties is as follows: a fine of 900,000 yuan only.