The total scale is 500 million yuan!These two funds landed in Qingdao

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Recently, Qingdao Kechuang mother fund to participate in the investment of two sub-fund Maggiore investment fund, build letter research investment fund formally landed in Qingdao Laoshan district.Two sub-fund landing behind, reflects that Qingdao is constantly gaining the trust of venture capital institutions.This is not only the “fruit” of the city’s continuous implementation and upgrading of institutional support policies in recent years, but also the “root” for Qingdao to seek new development of the financial industry in the New Qingdao:Cheng Ruolan Qingdao Kechuang mother fund two child fund laoshan a few days ago, Qingdao Kechuang mother fund released the news,Their child to participate in the investment fund “Qingdao maggiore, private equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership)” (hereinafter referred to as the “maggiore, investment funds”) and “Qingdao built mail transfer research venture capital fund partnership (limited partnership)” (hereinafter referred to as “building mail transfer research investment funds”) to complete the first delivery of funds, formal floor laoshan OuJinJia ridge’s financial district.Specifically, Maggiore Investment Fund was initiated and established by Maggiore Capital Management (Beijing) Co., LTD., with a total scale of 200 million yuan, mainly invested in the innovative pharmaceutical industry.It is reported that the fund will lead the operation of Qingdao biomedical military-civilian integration collaborative innovation Center and the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements in the future, and create the first domestic pre-clinical full-function systematic pipeline new drug research and development platform.During the same period, the total scale of jiANXin Huiyan Investment Fund reached 300 million yuan, which was initiated and established by Shanghai Jianxin Chuangke Equity Investment Management Co., LTD. In the future, it will invest in the medical and health field, dig into the excellent project resources in the medical and health field in Qingdao, and help the development of Qingdao medical and health enterprises.Thus, two new sub-funds with a total size of 500 million yuan will be invested in the medical and health sector.In recent years, Laoshan district will take medicine and health as one of the leading industries, vigorously promote industrial development, upgrading, gathered Qingdao Institute of Marine Biomedical Research, a bureau of oceanography and other first-class universities and research institutes in the field of medical health, and cultivated a group of market segment leader enterprises such as Huren pharmaceutical, Zhonghao biology.For during the period of “difference” to achieve the goal of building a national medical health industry innovation zone, laoshan district, not only need to be further to possess the top level of enterprises to provide quality services and business environment, more to strengthen the financial to support, guide the quality of capital into the medical health industry, capital power for industry sustainable development.At the same time, the injection of high-quality capital is also conducive to small, medium and micro technological innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises to expand their development scale and become a new “leader” in the field.At the 2021 working meeting of laoshan District’s Leading group on private economy and small and medium-sized Enterprises held at the end of December last year, Laoshan District said that it would continue to broaden financing channels for enterprises, especially small and medium-sized private enterprises, and the sub-funds set up by SCI-Tech Foundation are one of the high-quality financing channels.2022 Municipal Economic work conference proposed to focus on effective demand traction.Based on effective demand, Qingdao KEChuang Mother Fund chose the medical and health industry as the investment field of the first batch of sub-funds to be implemented in 2022, which is the key “acupoint” to target the development of emerging industries in Laoshan District.According to information released by Qingdao KEChuang Mother Fund, maggiolei Investment Fund aims to “drive the level of new drug research and development innovation in Qingdao, shandong and even north of the Yangtze River”;On the other hand, CCM Huiyan Investment Fund said its team consists of members with pioneering experience in the pharmaceutical industry and health sector and many years of equity investment experience, with “excellent investment performance in the past”.From the establishment goal and staffing level of these two sub-funds, the development prospect of Qingdao’s medical and health industry has been affirmed by professional institutions in many fields, and Qingdao has become a city for venture capital institutions to “dare to invest”.In terms of support policies, In 2021, Qingdao issued version 2.0 of “Ten Venture Capital Projects” (hereinafter referred to as “Version 2.0”), continuing the policy advantages, providing greater support, wider coverage, more complete supporting measures and more accurate support in the whole chain for venture capital institutions that come to Qingdao and those who intend to come to Qingdao.Docking vc institutions to promote vc investment entity economic policies, for example, version 2.0, further enhance prize filling dynamics, put forward “vc institutions registered in Qingdao city of vc investment zhuhai non-listed enterprises within their respective jurisdictions and form of the entity industry, according to its actual investment in 1% of the reward, reward amount unlimited” incentives.For venture capital institutions, a series of preferential policies issued by Qingdao fully reflect that Qingdao attaches importance to the role of government guiding funds and supports parent funds to play the role of industrial investment and cultivation. To a certain extent, they accelerate the cooperation with Qingdao KECHUANG Parent Fund and set up sub-funds.Statistics show that since the completion of the filing of the Asset Management Association in February 2020, Qingdao KEChuang Mother Fund has established more than 40 funds, the scale of the cooperative sub-fund exceeds 6 billion yuan, the investment direction of the cooperative sub-fund includes Kaos, Qingdao Jingfan New Materials, nuclear core interconnection and other high-quality science and innovation projects.And promoted a series of domestic high-quality enterprises, unicorn enterprises and innovative projects such as Gufu Technology and Shulan Medical Group to land in Qingdao.These achievements have also won the recognition of Qingdao Science and Technology Foundation as one of the top 20 best Government Guide Funds (cities, districts and counties) in 2021.On January 28 this year, Qingdao Open source Optoelectronics Industry venture capital Fund (limited partnership) (subject to industrial and commercial registration) launched by Shanghai Open Source Si Chuang Investment Co., Ltd. passed the investment decision of Qingdao KEChuang Mother Fund and entered the publicity stage.Obviously, under the support of Qingdao’s policy of striving to build a global venture capital center and focusing on the effective needs of venture capital institutions and constantly upgrading Qingdao, Qingdao Science and Technology Venture Capital Fund is also constantly expanding the financial capital “circle of friends” for innovation and entrepreneurship in Qingdao.In 2021, Qingdao’s annual GDP reached 1,413.646 billion yuan, which was the 13th place in the country, but ningbo kept pace with the whole province in terms of year-on-year growth, and failed to give full play to its leading role as “the third city in north China”.Specifically, solid investment stall became a major factor affecting Qingdao’s results last year, which also once again exposed the limited number of heavyweight projects in Qingdao.Faced with this urgent problem to overcome, the beginning of the year set the tone of “focus on effective demand” how will Qingdao do?It may be a “good move” to further play the role of the financial industry represented by kECHUANG Fund.On the one hand, through the establishment of cooperative sub-funds and direct investment projects, Qingdao Science and Technology Foundation will be able to provide financial capital support for more “hard science and technology” projects in Qingdao, promote the development of existing high-quality projects into high-order heavyweight projects such as BOE and Xin ‘en, and drive the investment and construction demand of the city.On the other hand, precise and effective financial support will also bring nutrition to the rapid development of early-stage technology enterprises with development potential, promote the transformation and application of more scientific and technological achievements of great value, and enable the small, medium and micro enterprises to gradually grow into a new pillar in the field.