Parents beware!This scam is targeting your kids over the holidays

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Safe HOLIDAY vacation SAFETY on HOLIDAY, is the most happy when the children have a lot of children finally can be downloaded to mobile phone to my mother and father want to play games in the world of online gaming fly freely, you are liar targeted the lead free game top-up skin 1 yuan can get props children often tempted to drop into the scam such scams,The victim’s age generally less amount in 10 to 15 years old were tricked into hundreds of yuan, many tens of thousands of yuan against fraud center in lanzhou remind parents and children must be vigilant from telecom network fraud traps have a safe no cheat vacation typical cases on July 5, 2021 people, Mr Ma alarm, said his 13-year-old son play games were tricked into 15000 yuan.It was learned that When Mr. Ma’s son Xiaoshi swiped Douyin on his mother’s mobile phone, he saw a video that added a wechat group to receive a game skin for free. The game skin happened to be xiaoshi’s favorite for a long time, so he immediately scanned the code and entered the group.After entering the group, small stone found that many people in the group have received the skin, the group owner in the group sent a message that the number of skin is limited, those who need to apply quickly.Little Stone applied for a place in the group.After a while, the group owner took the initiative to add the small stone’s wechat, saying that the small stone is a minor, and only after its parents scan the wechat code for confirmation can they receive the skin, and send the two-dimensional code to the small stone.Xiaoshi originally took his mother’s mobile phone to play the game, he used his mother’s wechat to scan the qr code sent by the other party, the display “failed to get the activation code, scan the wechat will be banned.”As soon as the small stone heard his mother’s micro signal to be blocked, he panicked, and did not dare to say to his parents.When he was at a loss, the group told the small stone head, because the small stone is a minor, it led to the micro signal was blocked, as long as in accordance with his requirements with the identity of their parents to complete the identity authentication, you can avoid the closure, and let the small stone see its mother wechat wallet money, and screenshots sent to him.Later, the other party sent a TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, let the stone scan, the result is the need to enter the password of the payment interface.The little stone hesitated and did not want to sweep.The other party said that “this is the necessary step to lift the account closure, the money paid will be returned in 24 hours the original way, and scare small stone, if not timely unseal, its mother’s wechat will be permanently blocked.”Little Stone did not dare to question any more. After paying 15000 yuan through wechat scanning code, the game skin was not received, and it kept showing “failed to get activation code, scanning code wechat will be blocked”.At this time, the little stone felt cheated, quickly explained the situation to his parents and the police.Routine analysis of such a fraud case, cheat by WeChat, QQ, trill platforms such as free of charge game skin, red envelope rebates, such as false information, took advantage of minor students pure, fraud prevention consciousness is weak, induce students to borrow or steal with parents mobile money remittance (including most of the students is deceived by parents mobile payments).1. Teenagers have poor discrimination ability. Parents should pay close attention to their children’s use of mobile phones and iPai, take good care of their own mobile phones, bank cards and other items, and be sure to set a high security payment password.2. Do not add strangers’ wechat and QQ online, especially when the other party proposes to transfer money, we must be vigilant and inform our parents in time to guard against being cheated.3. Do not believe in free equipment, skin and other rhetoric, greedy for small advantages, do not be confused by immediate interests, such as the purchase of game equipment, game recharge, must be bought through formal channels.4. Do not listen to, do not believe, do not click on unknown telephone calls, text messages and links, and do not reveal id cards, bank cards, payment passwords and other information like strangers.Once found cheated please dial 110 or 96110 advisory alarm!