16 people poisoned in one dish?The 6 dirtiest dishes you eat every day?

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Su mou in a place operating a brine shop, business is very hot, the output of brine is very big.However, marinated vegetables are not all sold every day, and the rest are not willing to throw away, do not throw away easy to deteriorate, this Su is very headache.Listen to others say formaldehyde solution can avoid food spoilage, so desperate risk, the result makes 16 people poisoned, Su couple get prison.Therefore, we should operate in good faith. At the same time, we must pay attention to food safety and avoid being harmed by unscrupulous merchants.Did you know that these 6 dishes are the dirtiest in the market and you may be eating them right now?What are the dirtiest dishes in the market?Cooked marinated dishes are dark in color and can stimulate appetite, but their freshness cannot be judged by the naked eye.Especially without high temperature disinfection, coupled with poor health environment, easy to be contaminated by bacteria.In order to hide the deterioration, some bad vendors add too many spices in the process, making it hard to recognize.2, loose balls loose balls exposed to the air, can be contaminated with bacteria and microorganisms in the air.The environment is not safe in bulk, and too many additives are added in the process of making this food material, so it is better to eat less.Although minced meat is convenient in the market, it is impossible to tell how long it has been stored or whether it contains harmful substances such as nitrites.In addition, the meat production environment is poor, especially the meat grinder is not regularly cleaned and disinfected, the residual harmful substances may enter the meat, how dirty can be imagined.4, open pickles are common open pickles, pickles and pickles, although it can stimulate the appetite, but the production and storage environment is worrying.In the open air, suspended dust, droplets, and bacteria can stick to pickles.Pickles contain too much nitrite, into the body can produce nitrosamine, which is recognized as a carcinogen, often eat can increase the risk of stomach cancer.5, fruit platter Fruit platter on the market is now loved by action people, very convenient, and looks very fresh, but there are certain safety risks.Some bad merchants will use rotten fruit to make fruit platters, but rotten fruit is easy to produce aflatoxin, even if the rotten part can not be removed.Aflatoxins are highly toxic and recognized as a class 1 carcinogen. Regular consumption can cause food poisoning or increase the risk of liver cancer.Frozen seafood a handful of frozen seafood is cheaper than fresh seafood, but it’s impossible to determine when it died or whether it was refrigerated after death.Nutrients can be lost without refrigeration, and too many germs can develop.Choose fresh seafood if you can;When buying frozen seafood, touch the surface to feel for mucus.Tips In daily life, you should choose markets and supermarkets with complete licenses and integrity standards to buy food, not from unlicensed vendors.Purchase and use of packaged food, should carefully look at the name of the product, origin, production date and shelf life and production license, etc., can not buy three products, also can not choose the smell, abnormal color and unknown origin of the food.Go out to eat should choose good food hygiene conditions, credibility is relatively high, complete licenses of the restaurant;Pay attention to food hygiene, eat food must be thoroughly cooked.Family doctor online special article, shall not be reproduced without authorization