Pay attention to the deflating sound when you open the cover while refueling

2022-06-15 0 By

When refueling, open the oil cap and hear a deflating sound. It may be a warning sign of trouble!Now the competition in the service industry is becoming more and more fierce, many car friends find that the attitude of the gas station is good.Just roll down the window and say what you want, and he’ll hop around and help you out. You don’t even have to get out of the car to pay, just hand over the cash and drive away.But you know, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble by being careful when you fill your gas tank.Many old drivers may open the lid of the fuel tank, will hear the moment to open the sound like opening coke.If you hear it occasionally, because the pressure inside and outside the cylinder is different, it is normal to make such a sound.But if you hear it every time you fill up, be careful.On the outside of the tank is an important part called the carbon tank, which is mainly a device to balance the internal and external air pressure.If there is abnormal pressure for a long time, it shows that the carbon tank may be a problem, so there will be such a sound when opening the tank cover.But look at both sides of every coin.If you hear the sound of frustration, it shows that there is basically no big problem, especially in the summer high temperature, because the temperature difference between inside and outside is too large, gasoline temperature rise leads to internal pressure, so it is very normal to open the tank cap when the gas leaks out.On the contrary, if you hear an aspirated sound, the pressure inside the tank is less than the external pressure, which is most likely the solenoid valve or carbon tank problem.And when that happens, it leads to two further problems.First, because the internal pressure is too small, it is easy to cause the deformation of the tank, the damage of the tank, and the occurrence of the situation of not adding oil is very likely.The other is that because of the ventilation inside and outside the tank, the oil pump will always pump air out, which will also damage the shape of the oil pump.