Buy noodles also have universities to ask, when buying attention to what?I tell you, don’t make a mistake

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Hello, everyone, I am yuan Yuan every day for you to share practical tips in life, pay attention to Yuan Yuan, learn a life tips every day, make your life more convenient and quick.In addition to rice, noodles are another staple food that we often stock up on. When we don’t want to cook, boil a bowl of noodles, add an egg, some vegetables and the appropriate ingredients while boiling, and in less than 10 minutes, a simple but delicious bowl of noodles is finished.Noodles contain sufficient nutrients, such as rich copper, which is an indispensable trace element for the body, and rich protein, which can meet the energy required by the human body and is very helpful for digestion. It is good for the body to eat noodles regularly.Generally, we buy noodles in stores or supermarkets, which have another name — hanging noodles.The noodle is made of wheat flour as raw material, adding alkali water, salt and other additives. It is made after drying, hanging and other processes. The price is relatively cheap, and the taste is good, which is loved by many people.But although it is easy to cook noodles, it is not easy to buy delicious and nutritious noodles. Now there are more and more kinds of noodles. What kind of noodles is suitable to buy?Many people do not understand, think that noodles can be bought, but in fact, there is a particular choice of noodles, Yuan Yuan knows a supermarket resigned staff once told Yuan Yuan, these three kinds of noodles, even if no matter how cheap do not buy.In order to have a healthy diet, we all pay attention to salt intake and try to eat low-salt food, but for noodles, we tend to ignore its salt content.The ingredient list for noodles does not list the salt content, but the sodium chloride content.Sodium chloride is actually the main ingredient of salt, and when it is added to noodles, it makes them whiter and lasts longer.However, in order to make noodles more white and bright, some manufacturers will increase the dosage of sodium chloride. Generally speaking, normal noodles contain the best sodium chloride content of 400 to 600 ml, if the content is more than this, not only noodles will be salty after cooking, eating too much will also have an impact on the body.So when we buy noodles, we had better look at the content of sodium chloride, try to choose low sodium noodles to buy.Most types of noodles are made with soda, but if the soda is sodium carbonate, it’s best not to buy it.Sodium carbonate is also known as edible soda, which makes noodles more elastic and chewy.However, eating alkali is easy to destroy other nutrients in noodles, leading to nutrient loss. Moreover, alkali is very alkaline. If people with a bad stomach often eat noodles containing alkali, it may lead to acid-base imbalance in the stomach and cause indigestion.So we’re better off buying noodles with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), which are more nutritious and less alkaline.When we buy noodles, we always prefer egg noodles, thinking that eggs are very nutritious. When added to noodles, it will make noodles more nutritious.But in fact, when egg noodles are made, they are not made with raw eggs, but with egg powder. Egg powder is a dry egg product made by sterilization, separation, filtration and other processes. In the production process, the nutrients have been lost a lot.It will not be more nutritious if it is added to noodles. On the contrary, it will be more expensive because of the added egg powder, which is not very cost-effective, so it is best not to buy it.How to preserve noodles?Many noodles have a shelf life of 18 months, so many people buy a lot of noodles at once and store them at home, but if they are not properly stored, noodles can easily become moldy and infested.Eating such noodles is harmful to the body, so how to save the noodles, to avoid the deterioration of noodles?Noodles spoil because they come into contact with bacteria and moisture in the air, which creates an environment for pests and bacteria to thrive, so it’s best to store them in an airtight container if they’ve been opened to prevent them from spoiling.In addition, too much moisture and high temperature can easily lead to mold, so it is best to keep noodles in a relatively dry environment with the temperature below 20°C.Some people are used to putting noodles in the refrigerator, but there is moisture in the refrigerator, so it is best to wrap the noodles with plastic wrap and then put them in the refrigerator, so as not to spoil the noodles by dampness, or taste with other big things, resulting in poor taste.Today yuan Yuan shared here, after everyone to buy noodles, pay attention to yuan Yuan mentioned 3 points oh.Yuanyuan shares some tips for life every day. If you think yuanyuan’s tips are good, please give her a thumbs-up.You can also readily forward, let more people learn simple and practical life tips, we will see you next time.