Loading and unloading of the ship Phoenix Goddess has been completed at Binzhou Port in Shandong province

2022-06-14 0 By

Recently, binzhou Port area of Bohai Bay Port in Shandong province successfully completed the unloading operation of the ship “Phoenix Goddess”. The ship “Phoenix Goddess”, loaded with 22,000 tons of foreign trade petroleum coke, arrived at Binzhou port by sea from Kuwait, which is the first foreign trade business of Binzhou port since the Spring Festival in 2022.Before the ships arrive at the port, under the scientific supervision and strong support of binzhou Customs, maritime affairs, border inspection and other port units, Binzhou Port District organizes all parties to hold pre-ship meetings to discuss and study safety and epidemic prevention, loading and unloading operations, identify key time points and responsible persons, and formulate the “Phoenix Goddess” single ship guarantee scheme.Through the forward service, customs clearance procedures were completed in advance, and on the premise of ensuring safety and epidemic prevention, the production operation plan was scientifically formulated, and the operation site, operation personnel and reversed vehicles were carefully deployed to make the “Phoenix Goddess” ship dock at the first time.In the process of operation, the bulk cargo brigade selected experienced and qualified door engine drivers to unload the ship, to ensure the smooth progress of the unloading operation, and complete the unloading of all 22,000 tons of petroleum coke in the shortest time.