Gongga, Xizang province: Lantern Festival celebrates the Winter Olympics in Tibet

2022-06-14 0 By

Amid the excitement of the Lantern Festival, Tibet is about to usher in the annual Tibetan New Year.In order to create a festive atmosphere, enrich the cultural life of the community, carry forward the excellent traditional culture, and promote the construction of spiritual civilization.On the afternoon of February 15th, Jixiong Community of Gongga County, Shannan City carried out the special planning activities for our festivals — Lantern Festival, Tibetan New Year and Winter Olympics.Jixiong community new era civilization practice station (institute) volunteers, community masses, a total of more than 30 people participated in this activity.At the event, gytheio community staff in a comprehensible language with everybody understand the Olympic emblem, torch, theme, division and other related knowledge, this paper introduces the winter Olympic Games mascot “ice mound mound”, taking the “snow” design concept and meaning, and organize the masses to carry out the “curling” Tibet “, “simple hockey game”, “I am a runner” and “guessing lantern riddles” and other fun activities.Let the scene of the cadres, the masses in the entertainment to learn new knowledge, so that we fully feel the charm of the traditional culture, inspired the cadres, the masses to understand the Winter Olympics, pay attention to the Winter Olympics, participate in the enthusiasm of the Winter Olympics.At the end of the activity, everyone gathered together to share tangyuan, so that everyone can experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture.Source: Xizang General Station of China Media Group