China Olympic Park or “change owner” Shandong state-owned enterprises: private housing enterprises by state-owned assets will become a trend?

2022-06-14 0 By

Caught in the financial product payment crisis, debt default dilemma, announced the “lie down” of the Olympic Park has new news.According to financial Union reports, shandong a health care real estate state-owned enterprise or intends to become the controlling shareholder of China Olympic Park (03883.HK), the state-owned enterprise has completed the preliminary due diligence of China Olympic Park, is expected to start substantive due diligence and business contacts after the year.If the state-owned enterprises “enter” the Success of the Olympic Park, it means that the Olympic Park will be from private housing enterprises into state-owned enterprises.Since 2021, evergrande, Sunac China, Baoneng Group, Suntown, R&F Real Estate, Contemporary Property, Kaisa, Shimao Group and many other private real estate companies have fallen into debt crisis and capital crisis.In December last year, Sunac sold three projects, including office buildings in Hongqiao Business District in Shanghai and hotels and office buildings in the core area of Hangzhou, with an estimated recovery of 2.68 billion yuan.Shimao announced the sale of hyatt On the Bund in Hongkou district to Shanghai Real Estate Group for 4.5 billion yuan.Within 5 days, Yaleju continuously sold 9 project shares, with a total recovery of more than 4 billion yuan.Vanke is a typical representative. In the past, Vanke was a mixed ownership enterprise, but now it has become a state-owned enterprise of Shenzhen by introducing shenzhen metro.Summary of data statistics, 70%-80% of families nearly 60% of the assets reflected in the real estate, because the new houses are almost ready for housing, has not received housing, said that the real estate is related to the interests of hundreds of millions of people.In the face of many private housing enterprises in trouble, whether the smooth receipt of housing is a top priority for buyers.Fortunately, central and state-owned enterprises did not sit idly by. China Resources Elephant Life and China Overseas Development stepped in to acquire projects or assets of private real estate enterprises.Perhaps in the future Chinese real estate market, the current situation of private real estate enterprises will be changed, and state-owned capital will become the dominant force.I hope China’s real estate industry will develop steadily and all home buyers will have a smooth house purchase.