Shantou large-scale industrial starting area planning based on the international vision of Shantou Chaojie metropolitan area

2022-06-13 0 By

Shantou in order to speed up the development and construction of large industrial concentration area QiBu District liuhe core, supporting industries and put into production and infrastructure construction, to ensure that the start area planning and construction of various work made solid progress, and under the guidance of a hierarchical planning and design, especially to organize the formulation of shantou large industrial concentration area liuhe core QiBu District regulatory detailed planning.The control planning covers an area of 16.6 square kilometers, equivalent to 24900 mu, which is located in the eastern coastal area of Chenghai District, Shantou City, east of Jinhong Highway and south of Huangcuo Caoxi.Compilation of detailed regulatory planning for the starting area of Shantou Large industrial cluster Liuhe Core Area, including but not limited to the status quo and related planning analysis, target positioning and function planning, spatial layout scheme, space control and development intensity, support system and four-line demarcation, development time sequence and investment calculation.Based on the international vision of Shantou Chaojie metropolitan area and the development experience at home and abroad, the development orientation of the park is put forward.Coordinate with surrounding projects, docking shantou coastal economic development zone and chenghai district development intention, deepen development orientation.Sort out and analyze the current situation of the park, such as location conditions, current base map, landscape resource conditions, industrial infrastructure conditions, road traffic facilities, etc., to clarify the development advantages and existing problems of the park.Based on the current situation of the park and the garden base, the spatial layout structure of the park is constructed, the production, living, recreation, transportation and other functions are reasonably arranged, and the land for industry, residence, commerce, public service, municipal administration, green space and other land is arranged.According to the construction concept of 15-minute community living circle, the layout of housing construction, villagers’ resettlement houses and all kinds of public service facilities in the park was further planned, and the reconstruction strategy of old villages in the area was proposed.