Is the retired age of female worker after all 50 one full year of life still 55 one full year of life?Chengdu People society answers questions

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Chengdu, February 16 (Yuan Han Ling) About the retirement age of workers is a topic we have been concerned about, especially the retirement age of female workers, a few days ago, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security wechat public number issued a message, told the public, unit insurance female workers retirement age is how to stipulate.The retirement age of female workers, according to the “notice about printing and distributing” (cheng Lao social development (2006) 134) article 55, 56 provisions: > in management, technical posts working female workers reach 55 one year of age.> Female employees working in production, operation or service positions shall be at least 50 years old.> Female employees who change their posts between management, technology and production, operation and service and have worked in the new post for two or more years shall be subject to the provisions on the retirement age of the new post.Delimit key: female worker emeritus age depends on working post, post is different, emeritus age is different.Who decides the post division of female workers?According to the notice issued by sichuan Labor Department (Sichuan labor office (1996) 19) article 5 47 regulations, the division of workers’ posts, cadres’ posts is determined by employing units.If the definition of the position in the labor contract is vague or the labor contract is lost, it can take the proof items to inform the promise and promise the job situation.If the promising unit or the insured person makes false promises, they will bear the legal liability for false promises.Of course, it is not the legal retirement age, you can get a pension.According to the current policy documents, two conditions should be met at the same time: one is to reach the legal retirement age stipulated by the state;Second, the total number of years of endowment insurance contributions has reached 15 years or more.1, “basic pension benefits application form” [form download address: Chengdu Human Resources and Social Security Bureau portal ( → “Rong E People and Social Security” online service hall → unit services → social insurance online handling → relevant download]2. Original valid id of the insured.3. Personnel files of insured persons (regardless of the same payment period).4, additional pension related materials (no related additional project need not provide) : (1) “only child parents honor card” or “only child card” original;(2) The original model worker certificate with the honorary title of national, provincial or municipal model worker obtained and maintained before December 31, 1995;(3) Senior expert certificate, senior title report form, original letter of appointment;(4) The original certificate of national, provincial (ministry) science and Technology Progress Award and Science and Technology Achievement Award;⑤ If the insured persons have no children for life, they should sign the Letter of Commitment to apply for the living subsidy of the basic endowment Insurance for Urban workers;(6) Other documents related to additional pension in accordance with the provisions of the state.5. Female workers under the age of 55 who have been paid by their employer within 24 months before they qualify for the basic pension shall provide the original labor contract indicating the position during the period of payment.Provide the Social security card of the People’s Republic of China.(To activate the financial function of the social Security card, the pension will be paid to the bank account of the social Security card.)7. If the agent is entrusted, the agent’s valid identity certificate and the original notarized power of attorney shall be provided.Channel 1, window for unit workers in the seat of the social security agency service hall.2. Online Application Log in the website of Chengdu Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (, click “Ronge Human Resources and Social Security” online service hall → Unit Service → social Insurance online application, enter the application system for online application (regardless of the same payment years).(Editor: Yuan Hanling, Gao Hongxia) This article is from and only represents the author’s point of view.The national Party media information public platform provides information dissemination services.ID: JRTT