How does sealing control area puerpera give birth?The five Hospitals answer sheet of shining humanity

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On the evening of 22nd, The Fifth People’s Hospital of Chengdu received an urgent message for help. A pregnant woman of 38 weeks +5 days appeared irregular contractions accompanied by pain in Wenjiang District. The baby might be born.Hospital immediately launched special maternal medical treatment plan and arrange the obstetrician contact pregnant women know the situation, a notice of pediatric surgery and anesthesia care, infectious diseases department, the new center, the courtyard department, general affairs section, safeguard section and other relevant departments, to enable a dedicated channel, ward, program staff, ensure the smooth production this pair of mother and child.On February 22, 2022, the 22nd day of the first lunar month, zhou Liang (pseudonym), who lives in Wenjiang District, was a little worried when everyone was busy Posting moments to celebrate this once-in-a-century good day.Zhou Jing is already 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant. She should have waited happily for her baby to arrive, but two days ago she was ordered to stay at home after it was confirmed that she was close contact with the coronavirus.22 evening, Zhou Liang had irregular contractions, stomach bouts of pain, she worried that this is to produce, immediately issued a message for help.Soon, received the fifth People’s Hospital of Chengdu obstetrics experts call.Deputy director of obstetrics Doctor Han Qian recalled, Zhou Liang was in a somewhat contradictory mood, she did not know whether their situation is about to produce, also do not know how to choose the mode of production, coupled with their home isolation has put the baby clothes in the private car, she worried that she could not get clothes.The doctor evaluated zhou Jing’s condition, while comforting her that she could immediately send an ambulance to pick her up, and also help her take the baby’s clothes.At the same time when the ambulance picked up Zhou Jing, the hospital had started the hospital treatment process, and opened the special ward for pregnant women in the closed area, and the personnel of relevant departments such as obstetrics, neonatology, anesthesia surgery center, nosocomiology department, General service department and security Department were in place simultaneously.Shun green channel hospital production let Zhou Liang did not expect is that she did not queue up to the hospital registration, no treatment, but directly into the isolation ward, and accept nucleic acid testing, doctor consultation, isolation ward has been ready for her toiletries, microwave oven, heater, have a feeling of home.Also at this stage, Zhou Liang decided to cesarean section.For the sake of the baby’s safety and better care for the baby, she decided to temporarily take care of the baby in the neonatology department after birth.Zhou jing to make a decision after, hong-mei tang instructions, vice President of the medical department in accordance with the plan to deploy instantly, a dedicated channel operation, negative pressure operating rooms, the surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurse, and medical staff of all in place, such as feeling, general affairs section has make guidance, environmental protection sanitizers, catering supplies, safeguard section along the way to clear readiness.Hardware services and heart-warming care, all in place.According to the requirements of prevention and control work, all the staff level three protection, 23 at about 6 o ‘clock in the morning Zhou Liang gave birth to a 2.96 kg male treasure.Soon, the neonatology department transferred the baby to the neonatology department with a special incubator, and Zhou Liang was transferred back to the isolation ward for further observation according to the prevention and control requirements.Zhou told reporters in a telephone interview that she has seen the baby’s photos, the neonatologist nurse will tell her the baby’s condition every day, the baby is in a room alone by special medical staff to care for the information is really a great comfort to the new mother during the quarantine period.By placing your baby in the neonatal department, you hope that your baby can get more professional and meticulous care.And Zhou Jing side, she said that every day there are 4 medical care little sister “only take care of me a person”, observe the wound, diet care, chat, “now I, in addition to the wound also some pain, other aspects of the hospital care very well, I am particularly satisfied, but also especially thank the hospital’s hard work.”Unbeknownst to Zhou, there were other obstetricians outside the isolation ward who were paying attention to her every day and conducting video consultations every day.”As the treatment center for critically ill pregnant women and newborns in western Chengdu, Chengdu No. 5 People’s Hospital has a special infant office in the medical department, and special personnel are responsible for the treatment and management of pregnant women and newborns.”Lang Mingjian, chief of the medical section, introduced that the hospital is not only responsible for the treatment of pregnant women in the hospital, the training of medical staff, but also responsible for the treatment of pregnant women in medical institutions in the region and the training and guidance of medical staff.During the epidemic, the hospital also carried out drills for the treatment of pregnant women in yellow code and closed control areas, and specially set up a separate diagnostic room for pregnant women in yellow code and closed control areas. “Pregnant women are a special group, which is related to the lives of both mother and child, and the hospital leaders and ordinary medical workers all attach great importance to this.”On February 23 and 24, The Fifth People’s Hospital of Chengdu organized the medical Department, quality Control Office, Infectious diseases Department, obstetrics and Gynecology and other relevant departments to review the treatment procedures for pregnant women in the closed and controlled area of the Infectious diseases Department, so as to smooth the treatment channels for pregnant women and newborns, ensure the safety of mothers and infants, and adhere to the bottom line of maternal and infant safety.At the same time, The Party secretary Lei Jianguo, president Zhou Zheng from the medical treatment, nursing care and life security and other aspects to the relevant departments, to use empathy to care for these special groups of people, to meet the reasonable needs of patients, to protect the life of special pregnant women.Lei Jianguo, secretary of the Party Committee, also asked Zhou Liang’s postoperative condition through video link outside the isolation ward, whether the ward was warm and whether daily necessities were ready, and also told the medical staff to protect themselves and pay attention to rest while taking good care of the patient.At midnight on The 25th, another woman who was 34 weeks and 4 weeks pregnant received a cesarean section in the fifth Hospital of The city. The woman suffered from low amniotic fluid, fetal umbilical cord around the neck, reduced fetal movement and other conditions. In order to protect the safety of mother and baby, after communication with her family, the pregnancy was terminated early.For this special group, the hospital has not only set up a special treatment team, but also a special support team to provide warm services. “For example, the clinical nutrition department will give advice on the diet of the pregnant woman and customize the diet according to the needs;”If a woman in an isolation ward cannot go out of her room and cannot hold her baby in person, it is more likely to cause psychological disorder. We have a therapist on standby.”Lang mingjian said that as the western regional medical center of Chengdu and the western sub-center of Chengdu, the Fifth People’s Hospital of Chengdu has been designated as the designated hospital for the treatment of pregnant women and newborn babies in Wenjiang District of Chengdu, which has a great and glorious responsibility. The five hospitals will fulfill their social responsibilities and escort the pregnant women in the region.(Cloud late night express reporter: Liu Ranran)