Renovate private cinema Yangzhou Hanjiang, Jiangsu Province: plug the loophole of juvenile protection

2022-06-12 0 By

“Hello, id card, please.””I haven’t.””Did you register your ID card information at the gate?””No.””Then please report your ID number, we need to verify whether you are a minor.””My mom says I’ll be 19 after Chinese New Year.”…In the dim light, the girl pretended to be calm, but her eyes were evasive, answering the inquiry of the inspection team.It was Friday, and the adult man at her side took her to the private theater, hidden in a hallway.They are in a small cubicle, in addition to projector, curtain, sound and other projection equipment, but also equipped with sofa, bed and bedding, the door can be locked from the house, like a miniature hotel.Police confirmed that the girl was 17 years old and had no relatives with the man.”In more than half of the raids that night, underage girls shared purchases with adult men, which is a disturbing number.”Jiangsu Yangzhou City Hanjiang District prosecutor’s Office third director sun Daojun introduced, the inspection of many private theaters to provide overnight movie-watching and other allowed overnight services, some 24-hour operating theaters directly operate “day room”, b&B and other projects, but did not install relevant equipment, also did not come to the identity verification registration.In recent years, private cinemas have gradually become a hotbed of illegal crimes.In 2021, a hanjiang district girl was taken to a private theater while meeting a netizen and was subsequently assaulted.Hanjiang District Procuratorate organized prosecutors to consult relevant information, visit the row, will urge private cinema special rectification into the annual focus of the work, and the work of project management, list promotion.Not long ago, the hospital combined yangzhou city culture comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade, the City public Security Bureau Hanjiang Branch security brigade, hanjiang district fire brigade, hanjiang district market supervision and law enforcement brigade to carry out the surprise inspection, is to start the special governance work of the “first gun”.HanJiang district procuratorate has issued three administrative public welfare lawsuit procuratorial advice before litigation, suggested jurisdiction private cinema prominently hanging in the cue CARDS to carry out the mandatory reporting system, staff found in the operation process by minors or suspected suffering from violation, it shall immediately report to the public security organ and take appropriate protective measures.The registration office of the front desk shall place a warning sign “Minors without the accompaniment of guardians are limited” in a prominent position to fulfill the duty of reminder and care…Through the joint inspection, Sun Daojun has a more profound understanding of the joint forces, “the governance of private cinema needs to firmly establish the consciousness of ‘a game of chess’, the establishment of private cinema standardized management special joint meeting system, to ensure that communication and coordination, information sharing, clue transfer mechanism effect.”The reporter learned that in the next step, the institute will carry out a special rectification of private cinemas “look back” action, and urge relevant functional departments to timely discover and urge rectification of problems and hidden dangers existing in private cinemas through active performance of duties in accordance with the law, so as to promote the healthy and benign development of this industry.