Nine medical hot money war, Fang Xinxia 9 shots, 123 million also failed to turn the tide

2022-06-12 0 By

1. Jiuan Medical, hyping the direction of COVID-19 detection, expects its net profit in 2021 to be 900 million yuan to 1.2 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 271.40% to 395.19%.On the news, ACC in the United States purchased 104 million additional iHealth kit products, and the total contract amount increased to $1.775 billion.2. Fang Xinxia, who belongs to the top level of hot money, sold jiuan Medical 107 million yuan on January 13, 182 million yuan on January 18, 66.09 million yuan on January 21, 119 million yuan on January 28, and also sold 474 million yuan unconsciously.Compared with east Asia Qianhai, which sold 475 million on 18 Days, Fang Xinxia’s earnings are estimated to be no worse than the former, but East Asia Qianhai killed a return shot, bought 243 million on 20 days, and added 62.57 million positions on 21 days. The result was beaten by people, and sold 291 million on 1.25 days, losing about 80 million, fortunately there are bottom positions.Having learned from the past, Fang Xinxia even dared to turn back today. He sold 9 times throughout the day, buying 20,300 lots with an average price of 6060, totaling 123 million.(to know fang Xinxia yesterday in yaben chemical loss of 50 million, suffered two 20 cm limit limit beat) the first time today, set bidding layout, in the opening price input 2310 hands.The second time, 9:31 minutes, in 58.00 price protection dish, clinched a deal 1693 hands.(hot tap trading back 5% near low suction) third time, 9:45, at 57.07 bought 2390 hands.(continue to protect dish, admission low suction) the fourth time, 10:47 points, at 58.16 price clinched a deal 2375 hands.(In the opening hour, Fang xinxia drew more than 8,000 lots of low, when the low kept rising, the high kept appearing, after the crisis of falling by the limit, he stopped selling.)At 14:11 p.m., he bought 1741 lots at 61.50.14:24, Jiuan medical soared to today’s highest point of more than 7%, when the market a Shouting trading voice sounded, the stock price turned down.The sixth shot, 14:27 points, Fang Xinxia came out to protect, at 64.27 price clincher 1500 hands.(If the ignition sealing plate, maybe the market enthusiasm will be aroused again, of course, it is also possible to be a bigger man) 14:31, at 63.33 price into 2630 hand guard, but a little bit can not bear.14:44, at 62.96 price clinched a deal 1563 hands, the last stick was also bearish breakdown, the formation of a high fall in the shipment trend.The last move, the end of the set bidding also put 4108 hands, that fatty square on nine medical and ideas.(May he also did not expect today jiuan medical will have dragon tiger list data, thus exposing the gold body) 3, the four major rivals, all day long to suppress the stock price.The first, Zhichun Road, yesterday 2.8 bought 12,600 lots, the average price of 58.63, a total of 73.93 million.(On January 28, 29,900 lots were bought, with an average price of 6160, totaling 185 million.)46,600 lots were sold at an average price of 600.68, totaling 283 million.Second, Dongfang Road, yesterday bought 18,900 lots, with an average price of 60.83, a total of 115 million.26,900 lots were sold at an average price of 6041, totaling 163 million.The third, Erwei Road, in 1.25 days to buy 18,000 lots, an average price of 56.61, a total of 102 million.January 28 additional positions 18,600 lots, the average price of 60.95, a total of 113 million.2.8 continued to buy 17,300 lots, with an average price of 57.23, a total of 99.53 million.Today, only 17,700 lots were sold, with an average price of 58.13 and a total of 103 million. The selling points were concentrated in the early trading. When the stock price went up in shock, it was a wait-and-see attitude and did not increase efforts to hit the market.Fourth place, Xinhua Road, 35,400 lots sold, average price 59.37, a total of 210 million.(Did not find admission data) 4, Jiuan medical, the whole day transaction of 5.853 billion, the turnover rate of 20.99%, dragon and Tiger list of top five sellers sold a total of 838 million, accounting for 14.3%.Zhichun Road sold 283 million yuan, Xinhua Road 210 million yuan, Dongfang Road 163 million yuan and Erwei Road 103 million yuan.The top five buyers on the dragon and Tiger list bought 490 million yuan in total, accounting for 8.37%, of which only Fang Xinxia bought 123 million yuan, and the rest are the seats of Lhasa Tiantu.(Oriental Fortune assigns online accounts to Lhasa)