The class director gave out the final grades to the students with names of vegetables and fruits instead of subjects.

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Click on the upper right corner to follow Wujiang education, welcome to exchange school education and family education topics!In order to send the final result to the students, the head teacher took great pains to replace the subject with vegetables. The report card is so wonderful!After the “double reduction” policy came, the first and second grades of primary schools are not allowed to take paper exams, primary and junior high schools can only organize one exam a semester, what weekly and monthly exams are not allowed.The key is that students are not allowed to rank after the test, nor can they post their scores in the classroom, nor can they post their class scores in the parents’ group.The holiday notice can only be filled in in order ABC.At most, the fearless head teacher sent them to parents through a group of nails.In fact, many parents still want to see their children after a semester to learn how?Grading seems like a vague concept, and it’s best to quantify it.At the meeting, the leaders of the school stressed that it was very strict that no class teacher was allowed to give students scores when filling in the notice, but only grades.But what if many parents want to see the grades?Some head teachers are really clever really wise.What a wonderful way to write a student’s report card!Look at the final report card the head teacher sent to a junior two student.Taro 90, cooked food 105, cherry 87, steamed egg 75, pear 83, black chicken 93, sweet potato 85, lettuce 86, the price of eight dishes 704, the first five dishes 533.(Photo from the Internet) I applaud the wisdom of the head teacher.In order to distribute grades to students and parents, the head teacher took great pains to substitute the names of vegetables and fruits for subjects.That’s so creative!The wise people know that taro represents Chinese, cooked food represents math, cherry represents English, steamed egg represents politics, pear represents history, black chicken represents physics, sweet potato represents geography, lettuce represents biology.704 represents a total score of 704 points for the eight subjects, and 533 points for the first five subjects.In fact, parents can understand the mood, think about the results of their children, but the country in the long run, talent training is diverse, the results are not the only.Therefore, for the revitalization of the country and the nation.The homeroom teachers had better write grades on the students’ report cards!