We intensified inspections, rectificated, and urged people to deliver tangible results

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“The mass stage is so well built that we often dance and sing here, which greatly enriches the lives of the elderly.”Living in the bay of Nanchang City administration Day ning district residents Xiao Qing said with a smile.It is understood that the mass stage by the happiness street nine bay community investment of 170,000 yuan to build, covers an area of 300 square meters.The construction of the mass stage is an epitome of the implementation of the livelihood project of the Happy Street of Bay Mile Administration bureau, which insists on the actual results of inspection and rectification.In order to further do deep and detailed inspection and rectification of the “second half of the article”, the street adhere to the people reflect the “urgent difficulties worry hope” problem as the guide, to urge the people’s livelihood practical projects to be effective, and effectively maintain the fundamental interests of the masses.”We should not only put the interests of the people first, but also make long-term plans so that the results of the reform will benefit the people more widely and effectively.”Happy street discipline inspection work committee said.Up to now, the street has fully implemented the rectification opinions related to the interests of the masses, and achieved good results. A number of practical projects concerning the people’s livelihood in the area have been started or completed.Among them, the embedded pension service project is ready to start, 6 community “1+5+X” neighborhood centers have been completed, and 3 old residential areas have been renovated.These concrete measures have solved a number of worries, worries and worries for the residents of the jurisdiction, and further enhanced the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security.Xiong Feifei wan Lijun +1 Responsible Editor: Wang Zhongqing