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The epidemic situation is the police situation. Since the epidemic situation appeared in langfang City, the traffic police detachment, according to the deployment requirements of the municipal Bureau, put in all efforts to prevent risks, protect safety, combat the epidemic situation, prevent accidents, ensure smooth traffic and other work.On the afternoon of March 16, Dai Wenguang, a first-grade senior police chief and member of the Party Committee of Langfang Municipal Public Security Bureau, and Wang Shuzhong, leader of the Municipal Traffic Police Detachment, supervised and inspected the epidemic prevention and control work at all duty stations and the entrances and exits of the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway in Langfang, and visited the frontline police officers on duty.At every place he went, Dai wenguang asked about the deployment, equipment, personnel on duty, safety protection and vehicle traffic of the police on duty, and had friendly conversations with the frontline police officers, encouraging them to boost their confidence.He points out that “the outbreak is the command, control and prevention’s responsibility”, the grim situation of the current outbreak, the traffic police to strictly in accordance with the requirements for the deployment of the CPC municipal committee and municipal government, overcome difficulties, going all out, make persistent efforts, to ensure all kinds of emergency supplies, transport and the rapid passage of emergency vehicles, prevent spread of infection, and resolutely fight the epidemic prevention and control of war.