Hunan husband and wife separated, the wife suddenly looked for her husband to give birth to two children, eight months later gave birth to a boy case

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Extramarital affairs have become a common social problem, involving almost all adults of all ages, it has become the “number one killer” to destroy the stability of marriage and family.The case of marital deterioration caused by extramarital affairs is particularly prominent. Hunan guy Zhang Mingliang was unfortunately betrayed by his wife. Not only that, he almost raised his son for others.A long-separated couple in Hunan province gave birth to a boy eight months later when the wife suddenly found a husband to give birth to their second child.Zhang Mingliang and his wife Tang Xiao have been married for eight years. They got married in free love and gave birth to a son soon after their marriage.The family lived a happy life, but unexpectedly, “the birth of their little son”, which made the lie of the happy family disappear.When Tang xiao gave birth to her second son in May, Zhang Mingliang couldn’t help being overjoyed.After his wife gave birth to their second child, he took a long vacation and returned to his hometown in Hunan province to be with his new wife.Can not expect is, not so happy how long, the doctor’s words and let him such as thunder.It turned out that the child had a birth defect, missing a piece of his left ear and had no normal hearing.Zhang Mingliang feels some strange at that time, their husband and wife do not have any problem, the eldest son also is healthy and lively, how to appear a problem to the younger son?Even stranger, Tang changed her son’s surname to Tang without telling her husband.Although Zhang Mingliang wonders, but also did not think much, after the end of the holiday returned to Guizhou to continue to work.But that wasn’t the end of the story. Two months later, a summons was sent to Zhang from a Hunan court.Tang Xiao filed a divorce lawsuit, which makes Zhang Mingliang more confused, he asked for leave to go back to deal with family affairs.But instead of trying to figure out why his wife got divorced, he was trying to find out the history of his youngest son.Zhang’s suspicions about his youngest son are not only because of the disability in his left ear, but also because of the month. The baby was only eight months old when Tang xiao informed him of her pregnancy.Tang xiao was in good health and unlikely to have been born prematurely, and her pregnancy was also strange.He went out to work for many years, Tang Xiao has not taken the initiative to find him, he is on holidays home together.Last September, Tang xiao suddenly went to Guizhou to look for him, and stayed there for less than two days before returning home.Half a month later, Tang xiao told him she was pregnant, and all the signs showed that the baby was born in a strange way.Sure enough, DNA identification results came out to confirm zhang Mingliang’s suspicion, the youngest son is not his root.Tang Xiao did not admit this at first, arguing that I did not know who he was looking for, and complained that he married into the Zhang family so long did not get what good face.When getting married, banquet did not do even, Zhang Mingliang still often because of trifles start work to her, it is because of the defect of 2 sons cynicism.And five years ago Zhang Mingliang derailed things out, but in fact Zhang Mingliang did have derailed behavior, but also wrote a guarantee.Can so-called start work, sneer and ridicule did not have, neighborhood neighbor sees zhang jia with one’s own eyes value to Tang Laugh, it is her to zhang Mingliang’s relative love and ignore instead.When she got home, she never wanted to do housework. She even refused to clean her own room, which was full of clothes and cosmetics.It is ridiculous to say that tang xiao bought these with zhang Mingliang’s money, and spent his money to give birth to someone else’s son.Finally just know, originally Tang xiao also already derailed, her resentment of her husband that derailed.Plus he’s always out, lonely with a man under the good, pregnant children and can’t bear to abort.Then he went to Guizhou to “conceive a second child”. After the birth of his youngest son, Tang xiao probably knew that his extramarital affair could not be concealed for long.Preemptively put forward to change the surname, divorce, unexpectedly this lets Zhang Mingliang deepen his suspicion instead, fish the fact of derailment.Originally happy and happy marriage, make to this point is also a person SOB, in fact, even if tang smile derailed dissatisfaction to her husband should not be derailed revenge.If she had filed for divorce at that time, and the law provided for innocent parties, Tang xiao would have had an advantage in the division of property and custody of her eldest son.”Marriage Law” expressly stipulates: because spouse extramarital affair sues divorce, no fault party can put forward divorce fault damage compensation.But right now distance Zhang Mingliang derailed already passed 5 years, mention again what meaning, and she also became derailed object.The youngest son is the best evidence, only with that appraisal proved that Tang Xiao’s fault is convenient in property, custody of the disadvantage.In addition, concealing the fact of infidelity in marriage and giving birth to a child with him is likely to constitute bigamy.Article 258 of criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China whoever commits bigamy while having a spouse, or knowingly marries another person who has a spouse, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than two years or criminal detention.If the bigamy crime is settled, no matter what the reason for Tang xiao’s derailment is, prison is inevitable.Can only say that she was too stupid, if really feel can not accept her husband’s cheating, should not have forgiven.You can divorce, forgive and then cheat in the name of revenge, which might make sense.Legally, it doesn’t make any sense, because the fact of cheating is there, it’s illegal.