Wall-e on mountain pv

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Problems such as mountain and highland risk, changeable climate, multiple points and wide area, fire control and so on have always been the difficulties in further improving the operation and maintenance quality of photovoltaic power stations in mountainous areas in southwest China.To this end, the three gorges three gorges group energy give full play to the dock worker kechuang enthusiasm and practical ability, to wushan two ping photovoltaic power station as a pilot intelligence operations, actively introduce intelligent technology, the construction has three robot, an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), a machine nest, more than double the haeundae “wall-e” intelligence operations platform,While breaking the pain points and difficulties in the operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power stations in mountainous areas, we strive to create the model of intelligent operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power stations in mountainous areas.Intelligent inspection of booster station In the inspection path of 220kV booster station, robot “butler” shuttle every day, using image recognition and other technologies, to carry out all-round, all-weather monitoring of “substation area, relay room, power distribution room” equipment and environment.Then, the robot “butler” through the historical data comparison analysis algorithm for intelligent analysis, automatically generate reports and alarm information in the background.At the same time, they can also generate special reports for GIS gas chamber pressure, lightning arrester action times and other matters, and directly connect with the production management system, effectively ensure the high frequency inspection and control of the main equipment of the power station.Autonomous inspection of PHOTOVOLTAIC field In photovoltaic field, uav can automatically take off from the nest according to preset program, “patrol” 30-50 meters above photovoltaic panels, and perform visible and infrared detection on photovoltaic modules every 10 days.Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) background management system through the automatic discriminant photovoltaic modules hot spot degree, state power, in good condition, the automatic analysis of whether there was a fire in the area, landslide, such as personnel into abnormal situation, and automatically output of related statements, an alarm signal and providing advice, preliminary solved the photovoltaic intensity of artificial inspection difficult, long time, low efficiency,It provides a strong support for photovoltaic power stations to accurately eliminate shortages.Exploration of new Operation and maintenance Mode In order to expand the new operation and maintenance mode and compare the operation and maintenance efficacy of different intelligent products, so as to further select the best from the best, Wushan Project installed two double viewing head sets with different technical routes in the booster station and photovoltaic field area.Repeated inspection of observable points in the booster station to compare efficacy;All-weather real-time monitoring in the photovoltaic field whether there are photovoltaic panel abnormalities, personnel intrusion, fire and other hidden dangers, greatly ensuring the safety of the photovoltaic field.In the next step, it will continue to monitor the internal equipment status of the box transformer in real time with the help of the dual-sight PTZ, further complete the background information, and finally realize the comprehensive controllable on-control of the equipment in the field.Based on the innovative development concept of “Scenic Three Gorges” of TGP energy, wushan Project team has opened up new ideas and made positive innovations, and put forward the vision goal of the new mode of intelligent operation and maintenance, which will be implemented in three stages.In the first stage, intelligent inspection products were introduced and put into use, and an efficient, stable, timely and wide coverage intelligent inspection scheme was established.According to statistics, the inspection efficiency of booster station is improved by 84% after adopting intelligent inspection scheme, and the electricity generation is expected to be increased by 1.67%.During this period, the initiative of intelligent operation and maintenance specialist, uav specialist and other part-time positions.Meanwhile, based on this, we have successively applied for 5 patents (all have been accepted) and 3 enterprise standards (under examination and approval).In the second stage, the integrated management platform of production operation and maintenance will be built. Intelligent inspection, data statistical analysis, production and planning management, training and teaching, safety management and comprehensive services will be integrated to realize centralized control and big data summary and analysis of the power station management system.In the third stage, high-level management such as data modeling, learning algorithm and 5G+ technology will be completed to realize efficient control of the station, regional centralized control of layout and mid – and long-term transactions.At that time will truly realize no one on duty, less people on duty.Author: Chen Yu Feng Rao Xin Rong