The trend of “Online Shopping Chinese New Year” has become a trend

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Zhao Fangyuan, Wen Jing and Xu Xiaofang, all media reporters of Guangzhou Daily, including candy cakes, fried nuts, fried oil corners and red envelopes of spring.The Year of the Tiger Spring Festival is coming, and products related to the Winter Olympics and the Year of the Tiger are very popular.According to data from a local service platform, orders for all kinds of Lunar New Year gift boxes in Guangzhou have increased 818 percent in the past two weeks.The reporter noticed that with the Spring Festival shopping group “younger”, online shopping has become a new choice for many consumers.Data from large e-commerce companies show that guangdong’s purchasing power ranks first in China during this year’s Online Lunar New Year shopping festival.Recently, reporters visited online and offline markets found that the year of the Tiger themed couplets, “fu”, lantern pendants, red envelopes and so on are particularly eye-catching.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the sales of rice cakes and red envelopes in Guangzhou increased rapidly on the life service platform, with orders increasing by 599% and 534% respectively in the past two weeks.The fastest growing category was lanterns, up nearly 20 times.Reporters noted that many supermarkets launched quality New Year goods and customized version of the New Year hand letter gift box.Guangzhou Friendship launched quality New Year products and discount promotion activities such as “Year of the Tiger limited New Year’s Red Luck makeup”, “winter fashionable New Year’s clothes”, “essential black technology for the New Year at home”, “Pot full pot full of good New Year’s goods”, etc.Guangbai Department Store this year launched a “Fu Hu Spring Greeting gift box”, containing abalone cake, su Jiao, xiao Kou jujube and candy bar cake, which are five traditional Chinese New Year food, is very popular.Guangbai department store said that the overall sales of this year’s Lunar New Year goods were basically flat compared with the same period last year, including a 5% year-on-year increase in traditional Goods, sugar cakes and nuts, up more than 10%.”We have found that Generation Z, as a new consumer group, is very influential. They are more applicable to a wider range of shopping scenarios, and pay more attention to the selection of products with high quality, high appearance level and personalization.”Good taste shop concerned responsible person expresses.”I’ve been working out, so I’m going to choose some snacks that are low in calories and fat for Chinese New Year.”Citizen Miss Liu said.The reporter noticed that this year’s supermarket shopping area, reduced sugar, reduced salt, low-fat snacks and healthy organic food by the young consumer group hot.In the candy and chocolate section, many products are labeled with the slogans of “0 sugar”, “no sucrose” and “zero addition”.Reporters see, there are chocolate brands launched sugar control small fiber milk chocolate, there are also brands launched pure plant-based formula healthy chocolate;Candy brands launched products such as collagen peptide low sugar fudge.At the same time, during the Spring Festival, fresh fruit has also become a hot seller in guangzhou consumer market.Data from large community e-commerce showed that orders for cantaloupe increased 859% month-on-month in the past two weeks.Orders for cherries rose 551% month-on-month.New lifestyles lead to new trends in consumption.According to big data from the Ministry of Commerce, during the 2022 Chinese New Year Online Shopping Festival, “green” became the main color of the Chinese New Year, with sales of environmentally friendly furs, environmentally friendly bags and environmentally friendly tableware increasing by 223.3%, 44.6% and 22.0% year-on-year respectively.Healthy organic food has become a trend, with sales of organic vegetables, organic milk and bee products increasing by 187.8%, 38.8% and 45.3% year-on-year respectively.Miss Zhang, a post-80s citizen, placed an order to buy Chinese New Year flowers on an e-commerce platform in 27.”The company had a lot of things to do this year, so I tried to buy New Year flowers online, and it worked out better than expected.”Miss Zhang told reporters, she is at noon online order, home in the evening to receive goods.Mr. Wang, who lives in Yuexiu District, also said that in the past, People in Guangzhou will take some New Year’s goods to visit relatives and friends, but the choice is single, the fruit is mainly apples, oranges, “now online shopping selection is much richer, and mobile phone orders, the next day or the same day.”Online shopping has become a highlight of this year’s consumer market.Jingdong statistics found that during the Spring Festival this year, Guangdong purchasing power ranked first in the country.In terms of the composition of consumer groups, during this year’s Lunar New Year shopping Festival, the transaction amount of female users in Guangdong increased by 42.8%, and the transaction amount of young people under 35 increased by 44.7%.What special things do Cantonese people like to buy for the Spring Festival?Leisure food, wine, imported food, grain, oil, rice and noodles, and facial skin care have become the top five local popular categories.Online shopping for relatives and friends in their hometown has also become a trend for some young people to stay in their hometown for the Spring Festival.The reporter learned that on the eve of the Spring Festival, the number of “filial piety orders” on meituan’s preferential platform increased rapidly, with the national monthly order number breaking through 3.5 million orders, among which the growth rate in first-tier cities is the most obvious. Guangzhou filial piety orders have broken through 800,000 orders, a sequential increase of 11%.”Orders from other places are mainly from young people who want to share the good taste of discovery with their parents during the special time of Spring Festival.”The platform said Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Shanghai ranked the top five, while Baoding, Zhoukou, Anqing, Huizhou and Shangqiu received the most filial piety orders.Sales data from showed that in the first week of the Lunar New Year shopping Festival (Jan 9), the number of orders sent from other places to non-resident addresses increased by 30 percent year-on-year, and the proportion of orders sent from other places has increased by 50 percent compared to normal days.Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou saw the largest number of orders placed from other cities.