The story tells us that we must love ourselves

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The boyfriend took her home to see her parents, to the place, the boyfriend said: “I don’t go back, you want to go back on their own, we don’t welcome you home.”.Today’s story is about Xiao Ru (pseudonym), 19 years old, home in Guangzhou.I met 24-year-old Xiao Hui (pseudonym) last spring.Xiao Ru graduated from high school last year, choose to work, just stepped into the society around the lack of friends, feel lonely.Xiaohui and small shavings in a factory to work, see small shavings beautiful and lovely, to her offensive, all day around the small shavings turn, to send gifts.Small ru just entered the society, on the one hand feel lonely, on the other hand see other colleagues in the factory are in pairs, oneself also quite yearn, where can withstand the grind of xiaohui, quickly confirmed the relationship with xiaohui, and move out of the dormitory provided by the factory, the choice and xiaohui cohabitation outside.In December this year, xiao Ru found herself pregnant.I dare not tell my family because I am still young and do not want this child.Xiaohui is to advise small shavings not to abort, will hurt the body, at the same time advised small shavings to go home with him, in the home to settle down.Small ru do not know how to deal with, has been dragged to the end of January, the Spring Festival.Xiao Hui said to xiao Ru: you and I go home to meet parents, are pregnant with children, parents have not seen.Small ru feel also right, then follow xiaohui take the train to see parents xiaohui hometown.It took xiaohui more than 30 hours to get home from a village in Heilongjiang Province.Xiao Ru to xiaohui home, Xiaohui’s mother gave him a 500 yuan red envelope, smile happily welcomed her into the home.After a simple chat, Xiaohui and Xiaohui’s mother very directly said to Xiaoru: “You don’t go back, in the home of the smooth birth of the child, just live in our home.”Small shavings do not agree, one is because he is still small, home parents do not know this thing, if you do so their parents can be angry.On the other hand, Xiaohui’s home was in the northeast and it was very cold. She and a girl from the south couldn’t stand the weather there. Besides, Xiaohui’s home was still in the countryside, so she didn’t want to have children in the countryside at such a young age.Xiaohui mother see small shavings is refused attitude, immediately changed face, very straightforward to small shavings said: “I don’t like you, you don’t stay in my home.”Small shavings by the sudden change scared, calm down to xiaohui mother said: “Aunt, you don’t angry.I’m Xiaohui’s girlfriend, and I’m here to see you. We’ll communicate with each other about having a baby and staying home.””It’s not the first time that my son Xiaohui has brought his girlfriend to our house,” xiaohui’s mother said directly. “You are almost 20 years old, and I feel that you come to our house in the same way.If you stay at home and live with the baby, I will treat you like a daughter. If not, hurry away, and my son will have no trouble finding a wife.”Network figure, and the article has nothing to do with the small shavings feel very wronged, the vision transferred to the small hui body, body also to the small hui side relied on, who knows the small hui also said: “if you leave to give birth to children, then I will give you get a certificate to marry, if the fruit is not good, you go back, I am not to go back.”Small ru felt desolate, do their own car for more than 30 hours, and xiaohui came to see their parents, who knows xiaohui mother was this way, xiaohui also let him feel unaware.Although before in Guangdong, has also advised xiao Ru to give birth to the child, that is to persuade, but now feel cheated her to more than 3000 kilometers, forcing him to give birth to children stay in the countryside to live.One family do not give small shavings face, so, small shavings a person took the luggage to do the bus to the town to find a small hotel to settle down.Oneself body also do not have how much money, xiaohui chase after her what overhead is xiaohui, but catch up with the small shavings, xiaohui is not how to spend money, are small shavings overhead.Xiaohui often said that small shavings too small to play, do not save money, money by him to save, later to small shavings flower.Xiao Ru night insomnia, a night to think what to do next.I cried all night in the hotel, and the next day I made a decision to talk about breaking up with Xiaohui.Small shavings got through the phone, small hui very impatient, inside the phone shouted to if left to give birth to the child will come back, if you don’t have to go, don’t bother him.Xiao Ru calmed down and said, “Xiao Hui, do you mean to break up with me if I don’t stay here?””Be!”Xiaohui came back directly.Small ru say: “that good, cent cent, calculate my age small not sensible, find the wrong boyfriend also pregnant, is my own not self-respect.But I don’t have much money with me. Can you give me some money for abortion? Half of the money for abortion is ok.Xiaohui said: “No, not a penny.Want to have an abortion oneself dozen go, seek me to want what money, again not I be pregnant.”Say that finish, put the phone to hang up.Small shavings again in tears, this thing did not dare to let their parents know, where to say.But they even have no money for an abortion, the money on the body to buy a back and forth transfer tickets are difficult.In order to be able to go home, in order to be able to abort back to the past, small shavings had to play small hui phone chat again.However, Xiaohui no longer answered the phone and turned it off directly afterwards.Small shavings can not, can only take the bus to go to xiaohui home to find him.But to xiaohui door, xiaohui even the door did not let her into, a scolding, but also kept pushing and shoving to push.Small shavings also ignore their own is a little girl, their psychological line of defense was completely defeated, sit on the ground on the pain, crying and scold Xiao Hui is not a person, get pregnant even abort money also don’t give, all the way to cheat yourself, the door don’t let in.Surrounded by the audience, Xiaohui constantly refuted in the side, said that the little girl did not respect himself, took the initiative to seduce him, to blackmail him money, he is not afraid of wrong, is not to give money.The most hateful is, xiaohui also will small shavings sit on the ground to scold the appearance of the video, sent to a small shavings friend, said small shavings door extortion money, let them pay attention to small shavings character.Many friends of small shavings to small shavings message call, let her stop making, come back.Know that small shavings have no money, to small shavings transferred some money.Xiao Ru took the train a person back to Guangdong, with friends to borrow money to go to the hospital to have a baby.Small ru has since become very cold, new friends in the society, must endure loneliness, anything to consider clearly, especially when choosing heterosexual friends must be calm, small ru is a good example.The story of the article comes from the side story telling, focusing on the author, telling an emotional story and a historical story every week