“System + intelligence + governance” makes combat training safer

2022-06-08 0 By

How to make fire rescue training safer?Hohhot fire rescue detachment adopts the method of “system + intelligence + governance” from the three parties of “civil defense, technical defense and physical defense” to build a strong combat training safety barrier buckle system “safety belt” detachment from the reality,Has worked out the Hohhot fire rescue team on duty in the vehicle driving safety regulations (try out) “, “combat training safety chapter three two hundred”, “2022 annual party member training day combat training safety management regulation, transverse process full combat training, longitudinal covering all the fire rescue personnel, listed security control mechanism in the form of a list,Organize fire and rescue personnel to carry out learning, taking advantage of the supervision, inspection, duty preparation, yard day and other opportunities to ask questions randomly, promote fire and rescue personnel to learn rules, understand the essentials, grasp safety, buckle the system “safety belt”.With the help and support of Inner Mongolia Fire rescue Corps and scientific research units, based on long-term accumulated first-hand data, the intelligent safety monitoring and prompt system installed on duty vehicles was developed.The system can monitor the vehicles in real time and give safety hints for drivers’ bad driving behaviors.It can monitor the status of passengers and equipment wearing by video, and push disaster characteristics, safety protection, precautions, operational rules and other contents to the dispatched vehicles in real time.The popularization and application of intelligent security monitoring and prompt system is the deep integration of modern information technology and combat training security work, which lays a security foundation for standardizing personnel’s safety behavior and realizing the fine management of the team, and builds an intelligent “King Kong cover” for combat training security.Tight governance “safety valve” adhere to the supervision and support in hand, the issues list into started listing, the demand list into XiaoHao list, strict screening of various safe hidden trouble, pushing issues rectification implementation, focus on “effect of deployment, learning, implementation,” four link, the strict compaction safety control duty, will be on duty to prepare, and winter post training and so on the organic combination of fire fighting and rescue work,We will ensure the safety of combat training, make good use of the “multi-prism”, and tighten the “safety valve”.| | source: war training place this editor: Chen ji | current audit: advanced lung snow