Nanjing people, qingming festival, consumption, these matters to pay attention to

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Modern express news in order to be able to let the public have a peace of mind, happy qingming holiday, recently, Nanjing market supervision bureau launched a number of inspections.The staff also offered heart-warming tips on shopping and tomb sweeping.Qingtuan: Saw “bright blue, cyclamate” and other additives can not buy Qingtuan on March 31, nanjing Gulou District Market supervision bureau law enforcement officers on the area of a manufacturing and selling qingtuan catering units for on-site inspection.Supervision personnel focus on the inspection of food raw materials, food processing process control, health management of employees and other aspects of the inspection found that the on-site production and operation operations are more standardized.However, law enforcement officers noted that the catering unit in homemade youth group at the same time, but also sales into the bulk of the youth group, but the youth group packaging did not mark the date of production, shelf life and other information, the supervision personnel carried out on-site guidance, requiring shelf processing.People should pay attention to the following points when buying food: First, they should buy it from regular supermarkets or grocery stores;Second, Qingtuan has pre-packaged and bulk sales, pre-packaged qingtuan should choose intact packaging, production date, shelf life, storage conditions, factory name, factory address and other marked products;Third, due to the high water content of Qingtuan and short warranty period, it should be properly preserved and eaten in time after purchase;Fourth, when the green ball is heated, the plastic bag (film) must be removed.In addition, according to the Standards for the Use of Food Additives and other relevant regulations, bright blue, cyclamate, dehydroacetic acid, sodium benzoate and other coloring agents, sweeteners and preservatives allowed to be used in pastry are not allowed to be used in the production and processing of the Youth League, the staff said.If consumers find these additives in qingtuan ingredients list, do not buy, and can call 12315 to report, the market supervision department will strictly deal with according to law.Sacrifice: It is suggested to buy flowers and other easily degradable sacrificial supplies. “Boss, green sacrifice is advocated now, so try not to sell these plastic flowers.In addition, these counterfeit coins illegally use the pattern of RMB, do not purchase these kinds of goods in the future.”March 30, Nanjing Lishui District Market supervision bureau, together with the District Civil Affairs Bureau and lishui Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China, the area under the jurisdiction of the funeral supplies business units to carry out a joint double random inspection.Staff member introduction, LiShui funeral supplies business units with a total of more than 30 in the area, execute the law personnel in proportion to extract, entered the yong Yang, development zones, and chicken, white horse, and many other evaluated integratedly funeral supplies business units, inspection business unit sales, focusing on is not easy to degrade, with the feudal superstition color, illegally use the patterns of renminbi paraphernalia.Delta law enforcement personnel in check paraphernalia check, according to the “regulations on the administration of funeral” and “nanjing funeral management method”, the law enforcement personnel to 11 points out the problems that selling goods, an operator and publicity and interpretation of the related laws and regulations in detail and standardized management, supervise the clear violations by the operator of a ritual supplies, standardize the law-abiding business.In addition, law enforcement officers also asked operators to understand store sales and customer sacrifice specific circumstances.At the same time to remind the general public, as far as possible at home memorial, civilized worship, suggested to buy flowers and other easily degradable sacrificial supplies, do not buy feudal superstition and not easy to degrade plastic products.Delta law enforcement officers in the check paraphernalia restaurant: live poultry is just in front of the restaurant decoration, now kill possible illegal recently, nanjing it market regulators law enforcement patrol in epidemic prevention and control in the process, found that put a pot chicken restaurants in the door with a splint nail into the cage, the cage closed more than chickens.There was not only chicken food inside the cage, but also a lot of chicken feces left outside the cage.Modern Express reporter learned that Nanjing had implemented the Nanjing Poultry Trade Management Measures as early as January 1, 2015. According to the first paragraph of article 5 of the Measures, nanjing has established a live poultry trade prohibition zone.In xuanwu district, Qinhuai District, Jianye District, Gulou District, Yuhuatai District and Qixia District, units and individuals are prohibited from trading live poultry, and catering service providers are not allowed to purchase, raise, sell, kill or process live poultry.In a preliminary investigation, the restaurant said that the live chickens displayed outside the restaurant were only for the purpose of attracting customers and were not slaughtered for processing.In fact, the ingredients used in the restaurant are pre-processed bare chicken.So why keep live chickens in front of the store as an indication of the quality and freshness of the ingredients?In this regard, the business can not justify.At present, Nanjing Yuhuatai District Market Supervision bureau has launched an investigation into the restaurant involved, according to the “Nanjing Poultry Trade Management Measures” relevant provisions of serious investigation.Market regulators remind operators that the use of live poultry in catering services is not only illegal, but also not conducive to the current health and epidemic prevention work.Consumers are welcome to call 12315 if they find similar cases.Correspondent Zhu Canqing liu Wei Wu Jirong Modern Express + Reporter Jiang Nan (photo provided by correspondent)