Even more luxurious than caviar, white truffles cost 10 times as much as black truffles, selling for millions per kilogram

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White truffle is a kind of food material called white diamond, looks not surprising but expensive, more than one kilogram of white truffle can be easily auctioned to hundreds of thousands of yuan, small volume can also be sold to 5000 yuan per 100 grams, than caviar are luxurious.What makes white truffles so expensive is their mysterious and special taste, which is said to vary from one to the next.White truffle is characterized by less production and expensive prices, the world’s annual output of only three tons or so, and can not be artificially cultivated, can only grow in the appropriate natural environment, whereabouts mysterious to rely on the hound through special training to find.There are nine edible truffles in the world, six of which can be found in Italy, Europe’s gastronomic paradise.The white truffle produced from Alba in northern Italy is the most expensive, every year from mid-September to the next year in late January is the mature period of white truffle, during this period Italy has at least more than 60 truffle exhibition, alba’s white truffle exhibition since 1930 has been opened up to now is the 87th session,Every time the exhibition starts, the quiet mountain town is packed with hundreds of thousands of visitors.The climax of the white truffle fair is a bidding event where buyers from around the world gather for an invitation-only EVENT for VIP clients, mostly the rich, entertainers and international jewels.While bidding at the auction, clients in Dubai and Hong Kong will participate remotely.All the large white truffles are auctioned here.For example, in 2016, a restaurant magnate from Beijing paid 105,000 euros for two white truffles weighing 1,170 grams, with the total bid estimated at 450,000 euros.Proceeds from the auction will go to three charities in Alba, Dubai and Hong Kong to help orphanages and medical research.At the auction, world-renowned Michelin-starred chefs will be invited to give customers a taste of white truffles.White truffles are selected for their appearance, touch and, most importantly, taste.A good truffle will look solid, which means it’s fresh, and it will ripen over the next eight days and become more fragrant.When you buy white truffle, the seller will tell you the best time to eat.Here is the white truffle exhibition in the northern city of Alba, Italy, the booth is placed are expensive white truffles, we are more familiar with the black truffle price is about 1200 yuan per 100 grams, but the price of the white truffle is more expensive, and every year is volatile.For example, the price of last season was 3500 yuan per 100 grams, while this season it has soared to 4500 yuan per 100 grams.Enter the exhibition each white truffle will be through the identification officer’s strict inspection, not pass will be temporarily confiscated, pass each will be registered, and more than ten grams will have a special number, here you can buy your favorite as long as you have money that one.In addition to the white truffle exhibit, head to the local truffle shop, which was founded in 1930 by the founder of the white truffle that made Truman and Monroe famous.The 500g white truffle, priced at 35,000 yuan, has been ordered by a customer in Hong Kong and will be flown early the next morning.The other white truffles in the fridge are worth about 300,000 yuan, but are sold out within a day. 20% are sold to local restaurants and the rest are exported to overseas TV shows.The owner says the magic of white truffles is that each one tastes different, and no two can be found exactly alike.Thanks in part to the value of white truffles, a special profession has emerged: truffle hunter.Savinho, Italy, has just 54 square kilometers and 3,000 residents, but it has more than 200 truffle hunters.During white truffle season, truffle hunters set out at five o ‘clock every day with their well-trained hounds for a full day’s work.The hunter, who is in his 60s, has been picking truffles since he was 13 years old, choosing this time period mainly to hide his secret route from other competitors.The conditions in which white truffles grow can be described as erratic, and even truffle experts have no clue.Unlike other fungi, truffles live underground, especially white truffles, which can grow up to a metre deep, and can only be relied on by a keen sense of smell hound.The hound has six years of experience and is currently worth at least 100,000 yuan.The old man is a professional truffle hunter who walks 30km a day with his hounds.According to him, one year he found 30 kilograms of white truffles, but another year he found only three kilograms.Truffle hunters rely entirely on the hound to find the white truffle. In order to keep the hound focused on the hunt, the hunter usually does not feed the dog in the morning, but only rewards the animal after finding the truffle.After finding truffles, hunters must also do a good job of cleaning up, so that competitors will not know that someone has found white truffles here, and properly covered, will increase the chances of white truffles coming out here.Hunters often come across potholes that other hunters have picked. The smell of white truffles can fool hounds into thinking they have harvested something, and many hunters bury food in the dirt, interfering with their dogs’ sense of smell.According to truffle hunters, white truffles generally grow around trees to exchange water and nutrients.Because different numbers provide different nutrients, each white truffle produces a different aroma and taste.Truffle hunters usually find truffles and sell them to a local truffle workshop, which flies white truffles around the world every day. They are cleaned and coated in fine sand to soak up excess moisture. Even the location of the sand is a secret.The truffles are then wrapped in kitchen paper to ensure they don’t come into contact with moisture during transport.Black truffles, on the other hand, are transported by air in bags, not only because they have a harder protective coating, but also because they cost about one-tenth the price of white truffles.In addition, the cleaning process of white truffles and black truffles is also different. White truffles are first soaked in cold water to swim, and workers use soft brushes to carefully clean them.Less expensive black truffles are not treated so gently, with workers simply using water guns to clean them, making them look rough.Although the price is high, white truffle is very simple to eat. It loses its flavor when exposed to fire, so just boil a plate of eggs, pasta, and slices of white truffle to enjoy its unique taste.What do you think about that?Share in the comments!– END — click on the focus, don’t get lost!This article belongs to the author’s original content, copyright belongs to the author himself, welcome everyone to like, comment, share!Regularly share news from around the world, if you like, you can follow the small editor, check out more interesting articles!Pictures are from the network (if there is infringement, please contact delete, thank you!)