Endurance over 1000km, star road chase wind ET-I “3 engines 3 gears”

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With the technological upgrading and product power transition of hybrid models, more and more users have turned from early adopters to fans.No wonder, both fuel car endurance advantages, and pure electric car energy saving advantages, who does not love?When there is demand, there is supply.Independent brand in borrowed a wave of “pure electricity” after the east wind, and now the home battle of the battle on the mix, such as the Great Wall lemon mix DHT, BYD have DM-I super mix, Changan blue whale I-DD.Star way automobile also launched star nuclear power ET-I full engine super mixed platform and its first hybrid model chase wind ET-I, for the Great Wall, BYD people, it can be said to have ushered in a powerful opponent.The chase ET-I has an input power of 240kW, a peak torque of an astonishing 510N·m, an acceleration of 6.8s from 0-100km, and a range of more than 1000km on which users are concerned.This series of data is enough to burst, so, what technology supports the strength of chasing wind ET-I?This is the power of the industry’s first fully functional hybrid configuration DHT — “Star nuclear power ET-I Full engine super hybrid”. Its core technology can be summarized as “33911”, that is, 3 engines, 3 gears, 9 modes and 11 speeds. Why is the power of chasing the wind ET-I so strong?Why is battery life so long?All the power is hidden in this set of numerical codes.Let’s take a look at three engines and three engines today.Three power intelligent combination, strong own strong point we see first three giants here to popularize, hybrid on the market at present, there are double with single motor (engine 1 motor), there are 3 with double motor (1 engine 2 motors), but the key of other brands are a bit “awkward”, 3 with two motor only 1 engine and electric motor drive,The other only generates electricity to recharge the battery, not quite an engine.And the “star nuclear power ET-I full engine super mix” chaser ET-I, dual motors can participate in the drive, in the need for large horsepower output, 3 engines together, think of the feeling of power burst.Not only in the independent brand, even looking at the world, whether Japanese, or European and American, star road is the first, the only one.Therefore, the star nuclear power ET-I all-engine superhybrid is defined as the second generation of hybrid technology.The “1-engine” of the STAR NUCLEAR power ET-I all-engine superhybrid refers to the specialized 1.5-ton hybrid engine that produces 115kW of power and 230n. m of torque, which means that the Chase ET-I can outperform many 1.5L and 1.5T models with its fuel engine alone. However, don’t forget that there are other “2-engines” of the ET-I all-engine superhybrid.They are two motors of 55kW / 160n. m and 70kW / 155n. m integrated in the DHT box.Compared to the existing hybrid technology, the 3-engine has two motors that can participate in driving and a specific power of up to 6.0kW/kg.The ultra-high density I-PIN flat wire motor technology makes the number of coil turns more under the same volume, realizing the smaller motor volume and moving the high efficiency interval forward;The higher torque/weight ratio, combined with bidirectional machining of tooth surface, low drag clutch, high efficiency oil pump, main oil pressure following strategy and other technical measures, makes the system transfer efficiency over 97.6%, reaching the same level as Japanese products.And star nuclear-powered original FIO fixed-point spray oil cooling technology, when the motor running with more uniform injection + rotor jilt oil oil cooling technology, the technology can effectively control the motor temperature rise, prolong service life, the accumulation of bench test and verify, 30000 hours after > and > 5 million km vehicle verification is cumulative, confirmed that can make the motor to 1.5 times the average service life of the industry.Therefore, for users, star nuclear power ET-I full engine super mix more than power strong, it also has high reliability, and super service life, but also let the overall vehicle/maintenance cost is lower.Star nuclear power ET- I full engine super mixed “3 engine”, not just the number of so simple.Its use of intelligent hybrid power control system, so that the three engines always work in the efficiency range, lower energy consumption, comprehensive fuel consumption can reach 1L/100km, feed fuel consumption of 4.8L/100km, compared with fuel cars at seven or eight points of fuel consumption, this fuel consumption level can be said to save home;The self-adaptive power mode of the whole road condition connects the power control system with the navigation system, which can identify the road condition in advance and realize the optimal power plan intelligently, making the control more simple and smooth, and releasing the kinetic energy to further reduce the fuel consumption and power consumption.The CRBS energy recovery system is adopted to make the driving range more durable, so that the pure electric driving range of chaser ET-I can reach 105km, and the comprehensive driving range exceeds 1000km.This means that if the drive zhuifeng ET -i commute in the city, can meet the pure electric mode, don’t have to come on, and the range of more than 1000 kilometers, and intercity passenger long-distance driving without any pressure, such as from Beijing to zhengzhou, 800 kilometers away, is full filled with oil state a foot pedal to zhengzhou, midway don’t have to find a gas station and the charging station,This was unimaginable before, summed up in a word is the daily commute without oil, high-speed long-distance no trouble.Three physical gears, we can handle a lot of different conditions. First of all, what would it be like if we were to drive a manual transmission, and only drive in first gear all the time?Low to medium speed is manageable, high speed is a disaster.At present, hybrid models on the market also encounter this problem. Many old hybrid models only have one gear, or some new ones, such as lemon hybrid DHT, only have two gears.In the middle and low speed interval or with ease, but to the high-speed interval, especially when overtaking at high speed, it is inevitable to feel a little powerless.However, “Star nuclear power ET-I all-engine superhybrid” has three physical gears, which is also the physical gears in the existing hybrid technology.We can from the fuel vehicle gear to lenovo, we started to use a, torque, and by the highway, will rise to a fancy to ensure that the transmission efficiency and fuel economy, overtaking on the road, a foot down, after the vehicle will shift down l let you faster than to, it improved the user at high speed under the conditions of handling and safety.Not only at high speed, the more gears the ET-I all-engine supermix has, the more conditions it can deal with naturally, such as congestion, mountain road, snow and ice road conditions. At the same time, the efficiency is also higher, which can optimize the balance of power and fuel consumption.After reading the above, have you found the answer to chasing the wind et-i “is so great”?Technology has always been to serve the people, this almost technology to “black”, not only the data, and relationship to the car users’ vital interests, zhuifeng zhuifeng ET -i will, super smooth, long life, strong power “to a” fuel-efficient four core value added to a suit, let users can afford more than open, more troubles in the province of zero, the “sunshine boy” do you love?