Another winter Olympics scene is lit up in the morning sun. Come and feel the thick “New Year flavor” in the scenery of stars and rivers!

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Friends living in chaoyang have you seen the “star river world” in the snow and ice?It’s a visual delight. It’s like being on happy Planet. SHH!Quickly follow small face look at the January 29 evening Is located in chaoyang district two Wells at the southwest corner of the street block 22 yuan, presented its landscape Is given priority to with the universe stars and snowflakes, sports silhouette elements of lighting art installation They light up at night Match again blue light network background Create a festive and peaceful, festive atmosphere for the games For the Spring Festival with the opening of the Beijing OlympicsAdd a different color “jing” Milky Way bright landscape art block fashion 22 yuan block is located in the ancient philosophers double Wells street south bay road In the evening into the block You can see a bright eye landscape head-on On a piece of green space A variety of fluorescence universe stars and snowflakes shape suspension half empty Lovely ice mound mound, snow melts and elk, rabbits, modelling on the lawnThe trees on the green land have also been dressed up, and their branches are covered with blue light nets, which become the background of various shapes. Countless light points dyed here into mini versions of the vast stars and rivers. Through plant lighting arrangement and landscape installation, a three-dimensional picture of bright stars and rivers and happy animals is created, which is lit up in shuangjing StreetIs a blend of elements of the games are landscapes, such as stars, ice and snow as “celebrate the New Year” “celebrate the games” and “beautiful view” triple block fashion landscape under the background of art This unique games by double Wells street landscape makes the landscape design with wisdom city, digital economy as the main design language Combined with the “cosmic planet” and “virtual reality”, etc. The present hot spotsAt the same time into the games element, accorded with the games theme To build the city’s first digital economy demonstration street The relevant person in charge of two Wells street said. “we hope that through such a street scene, make area residents, white-collar workers and visitors feel thick festal atmosphere and surrounding the games atmosphere, highlight the characteristics of digital economy double Wells street, about ‘digital double Wells’ add a scene.”Digital economy culture and art of pilot 22 yuan street blocks Is double well build a demonstration street, the city’s first digital economy building area “a street, a park, more than three times, space” digital economy development layout of the key projects A traditional cultural art and modern technology integration of natural advantages The stars around Bright is dazzing The sky the stars shine Be born after the games are landscapesShuangjing Street, 22 Courtyard Block, another brilliant “Internet celebrity card” new and old landmark echoes from a distance, the wonderful immersive experience attracted residents and tourists around to take photos of the text and photos: wang ChengThe copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: