Lianyuan: tight qingming fire strings keep good hometown responsibility mountain

2022-06-05 0 By

Lianyuan Forestry Bureau shall supervise the work of forest fire prevention and control.Rednet Moment news reporter Zhang Xingcheng correspondent Liao Hesong Tan Xuefang Loudi Reported that on April 5th, the whole forest of Lianyuan city in Loudi had no fire.It was the first time in recent years that the city did not have a mountain fire caused by the ceremony under the condition of high temperature and sunny days during the Qingming Festival.From April 3 to 5, during the epidemic prevention and control period, Lianyuan city canceled the Qingming holiday, the city’s nearly 10,000 party members and cadres sank to the top of each village group, solid forest fire prevention and control work during the Qingming Festival, protect the green mountains and trees.In order to consolidate the responsibility of forest fire prevention, Lianyuan city takes the implementation of forest chief production as an important starting point and strictly implements the “five guarantees” responsibility system of forest fire prevention.City and rural forest chiefs strengthened forest patrol, supervision and inspection, the city’s 519 forest rangers in place, all-weather patrol, strictly prevent fire into the forest;Key forest districts and towns organize forces to arrange special personnel to guard the forest fire prone areas such as the entrance to the mountain, the entrance of scenic spots and the cemetery in the forest, strictly inspect the vehicles and personnel, guide the masses to change customs, civilized sacrifice, and ensure that “the mountain is managed, the forest is protected, and the responsibility is carried out.”Before the Tomb-sweeping Day, Lianyuan Party secretary Liu Jie, mayor Deng Weimou and other city leaders were dispatched to carry out “autopsy sparrow type” supervision and inspection, urging the rectification of existing problems.Led by the city forest prevention and Control point, organized emergency response, forestry, public security, fire and other departments to form eight inspection groups, take the “four not two straight” way, in-depth inspection of forest fire prevention and control work during the Qingming Festival, to ensure the implementation of responsibilities, measures in place.The city allocated more than 300,000 yuan to equip each township with portable fire extinguishers and dry powder fire extinguishers, and arranged special funds to carry out the work of “cutting green and removing obstacles”.And quickly set up by emergency, forestry, fire control personnel to participate in the city emergency mobile team of 60 people, each township respectively set up at least 20 people more than the emergency team, in order to be fully prepared to deal with the possibility.In order to ensure that qingming zero fire, the villages through the village ring, in the early, middle and late three time slots in turn broadcast “Qingming Fire Initiative”.Each group grid member, grid long holding a small horn, deep in the mountains, tombs, field “propaganda” like, guide the masses green sacrifice, prevention of mountain fire.At the same time, organizing forces in key forest areas, main traffic junctions, mountain junctions and graves concentrated area set up fire warning signs, banners and to the mountain personnel issued tomb-sweeping forest fire initiative, so as to achieve full coverage of publicity.Hetang town and Qixing Street town to each ranger equipped with backcarry electric sprayers, found sporadic fires to eliminate potential safety hazards;Sanjia township and Maotang township purchased 35,000 flowers to carry out the civilized worship activities of exchanging flowers for firecrackers.