Espanyol striker De Tomas praised Wu lei and enjoyed playing with him

2022-06-05 0 By

Spain striker De Thomas, who is the top scorer in la Liga this season, has also caught fans’ attention.The Espanyol striker, who has his initials printed on the back of his shirt, recently revealed in an interview why he came up with the idea.La liga schedule already more than half this season, the race for the Spanish league top scorer is still open, in addition to real Madrid striker karim benzema stand on the top, the west ham striker DE Thomas also continue to maintain a good foot recent seasons wind, become the Catalan team get points, DE Thomas also relying on his outstanding performance in the league,Made his international debut for Spain earlier this year.Instead of a lot of players having their names printed on their jerseys, DeThomas only has “R.D.T.” printed on the back of his jersey every time he takes the field, he explains:”I came up with this one with my fitness coach. He said if I printed my full name, I would definitely not buy my jersey. If I printed ‘RDT’ instead, he would be interested in buying it.”Wu lei is a very smart player,” Thomas said. “It’s not easy for him, considering where he used to play, the way of playing football is different from Spain and the language barrier.But Wu lei has adapted to Spanish football.De Thomas also said he is happy to work with Wu lei: “Wu lei’s movement on the pitch is very special, can score goals and assists, happy to play with him.”