Chen Qimai as Kaohsiung mayor?It was pointed out that he could be dismounted in battle

2022-06-05 0 By

China Taiwan network On February 5, according to Taiwan’s “China News Network” reported that in the 2022 Kaohsiung mayoral election, the incumbent Mayor Chen Qimai of the Democratic Progressive Party is expected to run for re-election, the KMT who will fight, is not clear.Lai Yue-chien, an island commentator, predicted that Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je could beat incumbent Chen Chi-mai if he ran for kaohsiung.KMT Taipei city councilwoman Wang Hung-wei said Ko wen-je was good, law Chih-keung was good, and Kao Jin-sumei was good.Lai yue-kyum predicted in a program on April 4 that Ko wen-je would challenge Chen.After stepping down as Taipei mayor, Ko wen-che will not just become the chairman of the Democratic Party in The spring. If Ko runs in Kaohsiung, he can beat Chen chi-mai to the punch.Commentator Zhu Kaixiang said Zhang Yazhong, the principal of Sun Wen School, put his theory into practice in the election and reached out to the general public.If Zhang Yazhong goes out to the crowd and talks about these ideas, everyone can accept them, that’s OK.But if not, we need to recognize that fact.Ms Wong pointed out that if Mr Ko were to run for mayor in Kaohsiung, the KMT could bow down and not let Mr Chen play a one-man show.As for Law chi-keung, he has the will and the opportunity, but his family and friends have different ideas.Kaohsiung, though hard to win, is a good place for ascetic monks like Law chih-keung. Even though he knows it will be hard to reach, having such a person to run for mayor will also help in the election of city councilors.There were many factions of the Kuomintang in Kaohsiung, but a man like Law chih-keung could be a man everyone could support.Therefore, Wang hongwei thinks ko Wen-je, Law Chi-keung and Legislator Kao Jin-sumei are good candidates for the 2022 Kaohsiung mayor election.(Cao Shuaibing,