Love relay guarding “Hu”!More than 12 tons of vegetables to help Baoshan community

2022-06-03 0 By

“Harmony and warmth, together with ‘Hu'”.Recently, Baoshan Media, government affairs Center and Jiangsu Binhai Love enterprises jointly completed a 6-hour, 400-kilometer relay of love to help fight the epidemic.More than 12 tons of fresh vegetables from producing areas directly to baoshan community.On the evening of March 31, a large freight truck from Binhai County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu province, pulled into a main and subsidiary food warehouse beside Tongji Road in Baoshan District. Fresh vegetables were carefully unloaded by workers.Lettuce, radish, green onion, Chinese cabbage, cucumber…These fresh and delicious vegetables were purchased directly from the origin in the afternoon, and then the employees of the caring enterprise worked overtime to sort and pack, and loaded the special semi truck to the brim.The six-hour journey to Baoshan will be used to support the living needs of the community.After hearing the news of the epidemic in Shanghai, su Yan Valve Machinery Co., Ltd. contacted to learn about the distribution of anti-epidemic materials in Shanghai. Finally, under the joint efforts and coordination of political Affairs Center and Baoshan Media, the 12.5 tons of vegetables were driven from Binhai County in Jiangsu province to Baoshan District in Shanghai.The driver told reporters: these vegetables are installed at noon today, it took about six hours to arrive here, long-distance driving although very hard, but to see everyone busy unloading, the in the mind very happy!Jiangsu Salt Valve Machinery Co., LTD. ‘s charity and public welfare undertakings have a glorious tradition of more than 30 years. From wenchuan earthquake, Funing disaster, to wuhan, Hubei, the company is the first time to help the local people, to fulfill the social responsibility and responsibility of a large-scale enterprise, with sincerity, sincerity, true force.Source: Baoshan, Shanghai