The power boost is even more impressive. How about this wave of upgrades for the Secron RX3S?

2022-06-02 0 By

At present in the motorcycle consumer market, car friends can choose models really too much.Big pedal, small pedal, imitation race, rally, cruise, rest……No segment of the market is secure, and brands are wrestling with each other.The popularity of rv models was unprecedented in previous years.Comfortable driving posture, good passing ability, heroic shape……And with the entry of various manufacturers, vehicle displacement gradually increased, configuration gradually rich, cost-effective is also more and more high, car friends in this wave of competition or harvest some pleasure.Recently, we got some pictures of the road test of the RX3S MAX that Secron unveiled at chongqing Expo 2021.The RX3S MAX at the exhibition can be seen from the picture, the RX3S MAX has been adjusted in the shape, not only emphasizing the beak and the size of the eye, but also slightly stronger body lines.The seat cushion has also been changed to split seat cushion, increasing the comfort of two-person riding.The windscreen narrowed, but so did the height.There is also a basic confirmation that the engine displacement and parameters of the car must have changed, the earliest TC380 engine has been upgraded to the current TC400R engine, the actual displacement of 401mL, like RC3S, the maximum power has reached 33kW……RX3S MAX is still in the phase of adjustment, the actual performance has yet to be verified, but only from the current data, this wave of upgrades is really worth looking forward to.~~~~ branch line ~~~~ Jingdong New Year motorcycle goods festival activities are in progress, in order to feedback the majority of riders, now give 5 movie “the four Seas” tickets!The winning rules are simple and straightforward: