La Liga: Villare VS Real Madrid, without the top scorer, Real Madrid distracted from the Champions League difficult points?

2022-06-02 0 By

Saturday’s event is rich, fat tiger to pick a few good chat with everybody, let’s look at the Spanish the: villa ray to real Madrid, “fat tiger solution ball notes,” fat tiger to talk to you later the German bayer leverkusen, later more game analysis is still present, we according to the need reference, few words said, go into the topic today.Villaray have been in good form since the beginning of December and their 2-0 win over Real Betis was a good indication of the team’s quality this season and the way things are going they have a very good chance of securing a champions League ticket.The first half of the season has also been relaxed, with the winning team having had five days’ rest and a week’s rest to prepare for granada and the champions League knockout tie with Juve.Squad, villa ray to lack of main striker moreno and midfielder corcoran today, as the team’s leading scorer, moreno’s absence villa thunder lost a lot of followers, but in fact, moreno played just half of the race this season, all the rest of the time on the sidelines, the team scoring a lot, does not depend on the perito moreno.And real Madrid side also has some disadvantage need to pay attention to subject matter, the first is the absence of karim benzema, currently benzema with 17 goals in the top of the Spanish top scorer, his absence for real Madrid is a great gap, fire and karim benzema is the key to break the bus, you know, most afraid of rivals real Madrid this season team’s bus,Previously with Osasuna, Cadiz, Getafe and other bus teams have not been able to win, today in the face of a strong opponent on the bus villaray, how to conquer their bus array, is ancelotti’s current most headache, at least the first two games, the effect of anshuai’s no-front is not ideal.Real Madrid for the fighting spirit of the game, on the other hand, also open to question, the team in three days with a greater play in the champions league knockout, twice in the last four of the uefa champions league, the recent real Madrid a draws didn’t get into any cheap, now with the signing of Lionel messi, difficulty is greater, real Madrid want to win the champions league is also real Madrid won’t give up no matter what,I think we all have an answer to that question.Current data for real Madrid’s confidence is not very full, fat tiger’s point of view, too, I see the villa ray can defend home, grabbed a point at least, different opinions welcome message communication, another view of Germany and more games today analysis, presenting to you later, fat tiger solution ball notes, let’s be there or be square every day!