The Huocheng Police Station of Shandan County Public Security Bureau actively carried out investigation and resolution of conflicts and disputes

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At the beginning of spring, with migrant workers return home, the multiple trend of all kinds of disputes, to prevent disputes intensify contradictions, shandan county public security bureau to strengthen public security prevention and control under HuoCheng sent so as an opportunity, in combination with the practical situation of jurisdiction, disputes help solve work actively, strive to dispute resolving conflict in the bud, effort of maintaining harmonious and stable social security.First, a comprehensive investigation of contradictions and disputes, prevention in advance, timely grasp.Police district police into the village, unit, places, companies, etc., with head, head of the village and units for face-to-face communication, focus on mastering the jurisdiction exists land disputes, family marriage disputes, DeGeng disputes, labor disputes, etc., deep understanding contradiction root, truly MoPai leave no dead Angle, maximum to solve all kinds of unstable factors in the bud.Second, coordinated government departments strengthened mediation and handling of conflicts and disputes.To screen out all kinds of disputes, a timely notification town judicial, ZongZhi department, and put forward feasible resolving methods and measures to actively coordinate relevant units that build disputes mediation mechanism, joint together, take the initiative to depend on, promote early resolve contradiction dispute, cogent accomplish “penny couldn’t village, pound out township, contradictory not submit”,Minimize public security and criminal cases caused by conflicts and disputes.Third, strengthen publicity of the legal system and strengthen education and guidance.The police in the police command area widely publicized the knowledge of relevant laws and regulations by means of household explanation and dissemination of publicity materials, improved the self-control ability of the masses on conflicts and disputes, guided the parties to express their interest demands through legal channels, and reduced the resistance to mediation of conflicts and disputes from the root.Since January, the institute has resolved 7 conflicts and disputes, laying a solid foundation for creating a safe district and a harmonious and stable social security environment.Contribution: Huocheng Police Station author: Song Ping Editor: Zhang Qin Review: Zhang Qin final: Chen Xingyi