From changan automobile’s second generation CS55PLUS, discover more and more personalized Chinese brands

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Remember 20 years ago, the car was still a luxury, if someone bought one, I wish the whole village were excited.Looking back, at present, the car has already become very common things, according to statistics, now China’s car ownership is close to 300 million, the whole car market has shown an upward trend.Not only are BBA and other major international brands entering China, but also many joint venture brands have emerged in China. In the past two years, independent brands have frequently launched an attack on joint venture brands, with great ambition and courage to overtake in curves.Just like the protagonist we are going to talk about today, Changan Automobile has just officially launched the compact SUV– the second generation CS55PLUS on September 6th. I have to say that when I see it, I smell the unique taste of the future from it. Coupled with the affordable price of 106,900 to 121,900, I boldly predict that this may be another popular model on the Internet!Would you say no to a good-looking Internet celebrity?The second generation CS55PLUS is different from the old model from beginning to end. When we see the second generation CS55PLUS, it is as if chang ‘an automobile said, “We are going to the future, we are going to say goodbye to the past.”Indeed, the second generation CS55PLUS has a futuristic design, which I think is the taste of young consumers today.The second-generation CS55PLUS is designed as a compact SUV, but it has a sporty, low-lying shape with a dynamic waist line, which is always ready to go.The front face is the use of high light gradient open grille, that is, hierarchical, but also highlights smart.In addition, THE LED headlights, taillights and high brake lights all use circular elements, which are very compatible with the design style of the vehicle and double the sense of science and technology.On interior design, changan automobile in recent years has been advocated by the “new aesthetics” wisdom of science and technology is more outstanding, like super continuous fission type double screen design, not only look norm of science and technology, and it is also very convenient to use, is a personal, aesthetic and functional complement each other, I think the second generation CS55PLUS already have done very well.Not only does it have a nice skin, it has an interesting soul.Especially for young people, the soul of a car is the intelligent system!In my opinion, the second generation CS55PLUS has two very sci-fi functions. One is IMS intelligent cockpit interaction system, where drivers can easily start their cars by swiping their faces through face ID recognition function. This concept has been proposed for so many years, and Chang ‘an Automobile has finally achieved mass production of it, which is worthy of praise.At the same time, gestures such as heart and heart can directly wake up a certain function, which is cute and convenient.Another function is 540° HD panoramic image. On the large screen of central control, you can not only realize real-time viewing of the situation around the body, but also intuitively view the chassis. I think this function will be useful for young people!Of course, we can’t talk about cars without talking about power. The second generation CS55PLUS carries blue Whale’s new generation NE1.5T high-efficiency power combination, with a large rated power of 138kW and a large torque of 300N·m. From this level, such data is really excellent.Improve fuel economy.