Sanxi Town, Jingde County: Party Construction leads “Integration of Multiple Networks”

2022-05-31 0 By

In recent years, Sanxi Town of Jingde County has deepened the leadership of Party construction, vigorously promoted the “integration of multiple networks” of party construction network, safety construction network and grassroots police network, comprehensively constructed a grid management system from horizontal to edge and vertical to bottom, and realized that “people go in the grid and things are handled in the grid”.We will carry out practical activities such as “Doing practical things for the people” and “bringing thousands of officials to 10,000 people” to ensure smooth access to the “last mile” of services for the people, and make all measures to promote Party building and lead community-level governance more tangible and heartwarming.Set the responsibility of “one network integration”, build efficient management system.A three-level grid of “town, village (residence) and villager group” was constructed.The town is a first-level grid, and the grid service management center has been set up. The director is the Party Secretary, and the deputy director is the political and legal member.Rural villages (residences) are second-level grids, and grid stations are set up, with the village (community) Party organization secretary as the station master;The rural village (resident) group is a three-level grid.The town has a total of 3498 households, with 1 first-level grid, 6 second-level grids with 7 people in length, and 39 third-level grids with 57 grid members.We will create a good atmosphere in which everyone is in charge and everything is supervised, and continue to improve people’s sense of security and satisfaction.The people’s feelings and opinions will be captured in a single network, and we will provide better services to the people.We will pay close attention to people’s “worries, worries and worries”, integrate public opinion collection platforms, timely collect people’s voices, and achieve efficient solutions to “urgent problems”.Through multiple channels such as “one thousand cadres join ten thousand people”, “I do practical things for the people”, and letters and visits, people’s situation and public opinion within the grid are collected and dispatched uniformly, and problems are handed over to the relevant departments to be reported after level-by-level research and judgment, so as to urge relevant departments to solve the problems and form a closed loop of problem disposal management, effectively promoting the effective resolution of difficult emergencies.A total of 195 clues have been reported and 195 problems have been solved.Risks and hidden dangers “at the bottom of the net”, mass prevention and treatment to protect safety.Give full play to the “magnetic attraction” of “multi-network integration”, fully absorb social forces, cooperate to carry out the investigation of conflicts and security risks, and weave a tight “safety protection net” of social peace and harmony and people living and working in peace and contentment.Sanxi Town has brought village workers, security and party members and volunteers into the grid team to patrol, control and guard the main streets, key areas, villages and alleys under its jurisdiction. Since 2021, 151 disputes have been resolved, and more than 10 security risks have been eliminated.Civilization to create a network of unified management, cohesion, joint construction and joint creation.The implementation of “building a civilized city” and grassroots party construction “one network unified management”, give full play to the role of grid members at all levels, realize the grid sink, problems surface, full coverage of control, all problems zero.Sanxi Town blew the whistle of “Creation collection knot” in time, 29 Party organizations, 256 party members and cadres sank to the grid to report, do deep “street, community, village group, household” four-level grid refinement management, establish the linkage system of party organizations at all levels, adhere to the daily supervision and single, to ensure that the rectification of a problem does not fall and do not return.We will continue to consolidate and deepen the achievements of building a civilized city.(Chan Yuen-yuk)