Health garden | eyes from how “old” start “flower”?

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Recently, zhao, 45, noticed that his eyes were sore and he always felt drowsy and sometimes even had a splitting headache after looking at a computer or mobile phone or reading documents or books for a long time.When the close distance uses the eye, myopic he instead wants to take off the glasses to see again will be comfortable some.For “presbyopic” judgment, Mr. Zhao raised doubts: young people for a long time with the computer do not also have such a feeling?At what age is presbyopia?Say myopia won’t become presbyopia?In fact, presbyopia is a physiological phenomenon that people must appear when they reach a certain age — due to age growth, the lens gradually sclerosis, decreased elasticity, ciliary muscle function is weakened, resulting in a decline in eye regulation.This physiological adjustment due to age is called “presbyopia”, commonly known as presbyopia.No matter myopia, emmetropia or farsightedness, presbyopia will inevitably appear in different degrees around the age of 45.The essence of presbyopia is the decline of eye regulation, which is mainly manifested as the difficulty of reading at close range and visual fatigue.The human eye is like a zoom camera, and the lens is the lens of the camera.When young, through the “lens” zoom will be far, medium and close distance objects are focused on the retina, forming clear vision;As the lens grows older, its physical aging and elasticity decreases, and its zoom ability becomes worse and worse. It is very difficult or even impossible to focus a close object image on the retina.At this point, the human eye will appear to see close to easy fatigue, even can not see clearly symptoms.Compared with myopic eyes, emmetropia or farsightedness requires a stronger lens adjustment to ensure that the object is focused on the retina. Therefore, emmetropia or farsightedness, which has better vision when young, has earlier and more severe presbyopia in middle age.Correction of presbyopia traditionally, the correction of presbyopia was done by wearing reading glasses.From the earliest monopocal glasses to the later bifocal glasses, tri-optic glasses and progressive multifocal glasses, especially progressive multifocal glasses with continuous changes in the focus of near, medium and long distance, can basically meet the various needs of presbyopia patients, including using mobile phones, watching computers and reading books.Now more and more middle-aged and elderly people hope to remove presbyopic glasses. At present, the more mature presbyopic corrective surgery includes excimer laser surgery and multi-focal or three-focus intraocular lens implantation.The development trend of presbyopia and aging, is irreversible, but in the early (40-45 years old) can take certain measures to prevent: ■ pay attention to reading posture and habit, keep 40-50 cm reading distance, avoid long time continuous use of the eye.Close up with the eyes for 30 minutes to look far, so that the ciliary muscles get a full rest.■ Create a good reading environment and avoid looking at your phone or book in dim light, flashing lights and moving carriages.■ Do eye exercises, massage the orbits and eyelids to increase the blood supply to the eyeballs.■ Participate in full-body exercise and outdoor activities to slow down the aging rate of the body.■ Consciously switch the gaze point between distant and near objects to exercise the adjustment ability of the lens.■ Avoid ultraviolet radiation, delay the speed of lens hardening and aging.■ Reasonable supplementation of nutrition, vitamins and trace elements, such as lutein, anthocyanin, zinc, vitamin E and other anti-aging drugs.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is any source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: