Carry forward the spirit of sanniu unity and forge ahead to do the new era of new youth

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New age like the sun, always inspire us forge ahead, in the way of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, in the heart and soul seeks happiness for the people in the great cause, we will spearhead the service for the people willing ox bravebull, innovation development, the arduous struggle workhorse, unity and enterprising, always keep ShenZhongRuShi, avoid arrogance clear-headed,We will always be brave and enterprising, and forge ahead on the new journey of comprehensively building a modern country.Highlight the new era of new young people vigorous, high spirit.To carry forward the sanniu spirit, we must remain true to our original aspiration.Be loyal support established “two”, take the lead in tree prison “four consciousness”, “four confidence”, to carry out the “two maintenance”, into concrete action, to strengthen the objective consciousness, enhance self-cultivation, build a bear spirit, and resolutely do listen to make, to smell, no discount, no flexibility, embodies the advanced nature of party members and cadres purity in the actual operation,Strengthen the armed theory, study and practice to improve the political position.Always under the constraints of Party discipline, the supervision of the masses and the sunshine, with practical actions, concrete results to test political success, interpretation of loyalty and responsibility.Carry forward the spirit of Sanniu, insist on forging ahead.To adhere to self-pressure, perseverance to grasp the work, promote implementation.We will maintain high morale and be more resilient in our work. We will have the courage to tackle difficult tasks, such as reform and development, epidemic prevention and control, and strict party discipline and self-governance.Give full play to the wisdom of young people, adhere to step by step, closely linked grasp the implementation of the strategy, establish the spirit of “nail” and “constant dropping wears away the stone” resilience.The spirit of courage and responsibility should be firmly rooted in our hearts and put into practice. The purpose of serving the people should be translated into the productive forces of emancipating our minds and working and starting businesses, and the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly should be incorporated into our practical actions to seek happiness for the people.Carry forward the spirit of three cows, to adhere to self-policing introspection.We must correct the sense of urgency and responsibility of the “master switch” from the height of reforming party spirit and world outlook.”Ask canal where to get so clear, for the source of flowing water to come”, the understanding of practice should be thorough, strictly observe the party’s political discipline and political rules.To deeply recognize line is the beginning of knowledge, knowledge is into line, always keep in mind that “while the iron is hot must own hard, strictly abide by the integrity, discipline, mind anti-corruption this alert all the time, adhere to the” zero tolerance “for corruption, not greed, not common in work and life, don’t pack, not lazy, do understand person, as an honest man, in strict accordance with the provisions, consciously resist the various temptations.Always tell yourself that it is easy to break a thief in the mountains, but difficult to break a thief in the heart, always maintain the spirit of criticism and self-criticism, adhere to the humble way to treat people, adhere to the conscientious and honest work attitude, consciously accept supervision from all sides, to be a clean and self-discipline, love the job and dedication of the people’s public servant.                                                                                                                                                                                              Ji Yulu, Nishan Town, Qufu City, ChinaIf there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.