Zhao Xin, national flag bearer: I am very proud to be an “expresser” in a major event for the first time

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Zhao Xin, deputy director of the Executive Bureau of Beijing Daxing District People’s Court, said he was very proud of the moving flag relay during the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.”I have participated in important celebrations such as the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, but I have always been a receiver of information.The opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games was held at 8 PM on Feb 4 at the National Stadium known as the Bird’s Nest.During the national flag admission, 176 flag-bearers passed the national flag, touching the audience.At the center of the stage of the Bird’s Nest, 12 children slowly unfurl the national flag.Accompanied by “My Country and I,” the children passed the national flag to 176 delegates from all walks of life and ethnic groups across the country.Hand in hand, the national flag will be passed to the hands of the national flag class.Among the flag bearers were the winners of the July 1 Medal, the heroes of border defense, and the representatives of advanced models from all walks of life. Among them was Judge Zhao Xin, deputy director of the Executive Bureau of The Daxing District People’s Court in Beijing.Zhao Xinsheng was employed at Beijing Daxing Court in May 1983 and in 2010.In the past 11 years, Zhao Xin has always stuck to the front line of execution and led the team to execute more than 10,000 cases, with the amount of execution in place exceeding 1.5 billion YUAN. He has handled a large number of difficult and complicated cases with high social attention, high risk and overall regional development.Due to his outstanding performance, Zhao Xin has won a number of honorary titles, such as “National Advanced Worker”, “Civil Servant satisfied by the National People”, “National Model Judge”, “CCTV2019 Rule of Law Figure”, “National Court Case Model”, “National Court The strongest Enforcement Police” and so on.In recent years, Zhao xin has participated in many important celebrations, such as the 100th anniversary of the May 4th Movement, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the awarding ceremony of national MEDALS and honorary titles, and the centennial celebration of the founding of the Party.”Before attend important celebrations are standing in the stands as the audience, as the information the recipient” Zhao Xin said, “the Olympics opening ceremony I have as the representative of the advanced model for various industries to centre stage, passed the national flag, become the ‘information’ expression, to show the world the Chinese people, especially the image of Chinese judge, I am very proud and proud.””During the participation, I personally felt the growing strength of China as a major country and the responsibility of a major country to successfully host the event under the epidemic prevention situation.”Zhao xin said that the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, a perfect and vivid interpretation of the Olympic spirit of “faster, Higher, Stronger, more United”, fulfilled China’s promise of “together for the future”.Zhao said he was informed of the casting by the directing team in early January.He learned that the list of role models was determined by the National Recognition Office.Zhao said that since early January, performers have been gathering at the Bird’s Nest every weekend for rehearsals.Every day from 8 o ‘clock in the morning rehearsal, waiting for other performance team rehearsal in the afternoon, to the evening we rehearse together in the light, has been busy until 12 o ‘clock at night.How is the moving effect of the final performance realized?”During the rehearsal, Director Zhang Yimou put forward requirements, but do not need more orderly formation, more consistent movements, the only requirement is to express the emotion of the national flag and the country.That’s how you move people.”Zhao xin said that he and other actors discussed the need to convey their ideas in an authentic way to express a sense of national and cultural confidence.”There are no stars in the show. Everyone is drawn to the leading role model.”Zhao Xin said, this is the most let him sigh with emotion.In the backstage, the advanced model representative wearing MEDALS was “chased by the stars” of the children participating in the performance, curious to ask what each medal is for.Zhao xin said that during the rest of the advanced model representatives, students kept coming to them to take photos, sign their names, add wechat and so on, asking and listening to their stories.They want to know how we got there, and they want to be like us.Zhao Xin recalled, the opening night of the final return, they came to a lot of martial arts school children, to take a photo with advanced models, feel very glorious.”We are also star-obsessed, such as Maimaitijiang Wumaier, who won the national Medal, and Jing Haipeng, one of China’s first astronauts. We all vie to take pictures with them.”Zhao xin said that the delegates had prepared autograph books, signed each other’s names and left mementos. “It was a gathering of positive energy,” he said.”It also taught me to be part of a community where everyone has something good to offer and can learn from.”Zhao Xin said.Source: Beijing French net matter